Sunday, June 21, 2015

Riding the Emotional Roller Coaster - A Blog for SuddenlyFem by CiCi Kytten

The most daring, dangerous and exhilarating ride of the summer is coming soon to the amusement park in your mind. Welcome to the Trans Emotional Roller Coaster! Thrill to the exciting new experiences waiting behind every turn! Brave the emotional ups and downs! Beware the unexpected dips and twists that threaten to wreck your mood and ruin your day.

I know of no one who enters tg/cd world who doesn’t experience fast-changing emotional extremes. And you don’t have to be on hormones to feel a wide range. The agony and the ecstasy. The joy and the pain. Surges of confidence. Moments of doubt. 

Of course, the same can be said for mainstream American life. We all go through our share of ups and downs. But for me, in trans world, the highs seem higher, the lows seem lower, and the distance between the upbeat Funhouse and the scary-as-hell House of Horrors seems particularly short.

I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. And it can happen at any stage of your trans progression.

Here's to a summer of fun!
You post a few pix on a social media site and you get no response.  You feel unloved. You post a few more and you get all kinds of likes and comments - and you suddenly feel like the most popular girl on the net. And you haven’t a clue as to why which pics were favorited and which ones were not.

You go out dressed for the very first time -- and have one of the best nights out in your entire life.  You vow that this will now become a regular thing. But other factors in your life invade and your job or your girlfriend or your family drive you back into the closet. Literally pushing you back into the dark.

You come out to a few friends and receive wonderfully supportive responses from seemingly everyone.  Your self-esteem soars!  But then someone very close to you -- a sibling, a dear friend, a parent -- rejects you. And all of those other wonderful responses don’t seem to matter.

You want to get off.  But ride isn’t finished yet.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

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Sunday, May 10, 2015

My Favorite Planet is Pluto - A Blog For SuddenlyFem by CiCi Kytten

My favorite planet is Pluto. It always has been and probably always will be. It probably started with everyone’s favorite Disney dog.  I always liked Pluto.  A friendly loyal lovable dog.  Who wouldn’t want a Pluto in their life?

So when I learned about the solar system in grade school, I had no choice but to choose Pluto as my favorite planet.  Who else was I going to choose?  The God of War (Mars)?  The King of the Gods (Jupiter)?  I’m a pacifist. I’m a commoner. So I went with the friendly, loyal, lovable planet... Pluto.

I also liked the fact that Pluto -- the planet -- was a bit of an underdog.  Pluto was the smallest planet. And the furthest from the Sun.  And when we’re children, don’t we all feel like we’re the smallest sometimes? And the furthest from the action?

 My favorite planet is (still) Pluto!

It even goes further.  Later in life when I learned about astrology -- now there’s an exact science -- I learned that Pluto was my lucky planet.  And with all that we’ve learned about Pluto in recent years, perhaps that’s why I’ve never been particularly lucky.

Because, as you might have heard, Pluto is no longer a planet. It was once considered a planet, but now it’s considered a dwarf planet -- primarily made of rock and ice -- and a part of the Kuiper Belt.

And yet Pluto is still my favorite planet. Not because I don’t believe in science. Not because I don’t trust modern day astronomers. I do. But Pluto is still my favorite planet because of what it stands for.  And, as with most things in my life these days, it has everything to do with being trans.

You see, every time I read a trans-related article on the internet, there’s always some uninformed loudmouth spouting hate and denying the validity of our existence. And every once in a while, the loudmouth will get really blunt and rudely direct trans girls to lift their skirts and look between their legs. “That’s biology,” he’ll say.  “That’s what’s real.  Not those crazy, confused ideas in your crazy, confused minds.  Look between your legs.  Check your anatomy. That’s reality. That’s science.”

And that’s when my friendly, loyal, lovable sidekick, Pluto, comes to my rescue.

Monday, April 27, 2015

CiCi at TEDxUCR!

Coming soon! My "Ted Talk" at TEDxUCR! The video of my talk will be posted soon, and I'll be sure to link it here. The subject of my talk was, "The Hardest Thing in the World," and it was based on a few of my SuddenlyFem blogs!

Presenting my "Ted Talk" at TEDxUCR.  (UC Riverside)
I was so touched that my entire office came out to support me at the event!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Longing To Crossdress: Understanding the Irresistible Urge


 The Urge to Crossdress

Many friends  I know who are not part of the crossdressing (CD) community struggle to understand CDs, our objectives, and our motivations.
Perhaps, though, that’s not so surprising if you sit down and carefully think about our community as a whole—what we do, who we are. Then ask yourself: Why is it they don't understand us?
Well, in my opinion, mainly because many of us don’t really understand ourselves!

Let’s Ask “Why?” ..... Click here to read the full article at the Suddenly Fem Learning Annex

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Considering Crossdressing In Public for the Very First Time?

No matter where you are in your CD/TG journey, we are all quite similar, fundamentally. To be honest, some T-girls move at a slower pace than others. Some girls start with the “basics” and pretty much stay that way, while other T-girls immediately embrace the “complete feminine look” from the very first touch of a bra strap on their shoulder or after the first pair of tights/nylons.

It’s one thing dressing to stay indoors, but it’s quite another dressing to go out.

What were you like? Cast your mind back to your early days.

Maybe in the beginning you wore only a bra and panties from Suddenly Fem, slipping on a pair of tights—or maybe even stockings and a suspender belt—followed by a silky nightdress or even a dress that might have been a few sizes too big. Oh, the thrills! Oh, the heavenly feelings, the joy!

Then there was the progression over the months, the years, mainly via trial and error. Perhaps the progression happened unknowingly, until suddenly, there bloomed a beautiful rose right in front of your mirror, a complete image of a most attractive woman—a well dressed, well made-up, feminine creature. Who was she, what was her name? 

Click Here to read the entire article at the Suddenly Fem Learning Center

Friday, March 20, 2015

My Hometown - A Blog For Suddenly Fem by CiCi Kytten

My Hometown

I spend too much time on the internet. Maybe you do too. I’ve been criticized by friends and family members for this. And I don’t even argue. I do spend a lot of time online. I do check my phone for text messages way too often.  And I do belong to way too many chat services and social media sites.

Some days it seems like I’m always on. When I’m watching TV. When I’m eating dinner. When I’m doing laundry. When I’m writing my blogs.  I’m always online.  I’m always posting.  Or chatting.  Or shopping. Or checking out other people’s posts. 

But I’m sorry.  To me, the internet is much more than a waste of time. It’s much more than a diversion. It’s much more than a series of wires and microwaves -- or whatever it is that carries messages on the internet these days. (I have no idea. I’m online all the time, I should probably Google it.  And maybe some day I will. But I digress...)

I’m not just an idle online surfer. I’m not cruising porn sites or gambling away a fortune in online poker. I’m a fairly sane and sensible M2F trans person living in 2015 -- and the internet is my hometown.

I mean that.  We’re a rising minority in the world. But unlike other minorities, we don’t have a homeland. We don’t have elders and relatives back in the old country. We don’t come from a common place. And we haven’t set up a community. Ethnic minorities often do when they move to a new country. Gays and lesbians often do the same. 

But I’ve never heard of trans people doing this. I’ve never heard anyone refer to the transgender part of town or the trans side of town. Los Angeles has a Koreatown and a Chinatown and several other -towns. But I don’t know of any Transtown. There’s no CD City.  

I’m not like Andy Griffith or Opie or Aunt Bea. I can’t walk out my front door and stroll around Mayberry.  I can’t stop in and see my friends or check up on my trans community neighbors.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Walking in Heels. A Crossdresser's Workout - On the Treadmill!

Yes, it's true!  As a crossdresser, you know you have better legs than the average girl.  Now find out why and how you can ramp up your fitness so you can be even more fierce and fit.

Check out this great new article from New Suddenly Fem™ Contributor Carollyn Olson.

Click here to read it in the Crossdresser Learning Center  at our main website

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Cashier, The Waitress and the Tow Truck Driver - A Blog for Suddenly Fem by CiCi Kytten

I looked around a SoCal night club recently and I noticed that I was one of the oldest girls there. Not in terms of actual age.  Although I’m one of the oldest in that sense too. <sad face> But in terms of how long I’ve been out and clubbing.

I joined the SoCal social scene in a big way in ’07.  But I was going out to fetish events and places like L.A.’s legendary Queen Mary as early as ’01 or so.  Back then I only went out maybe once or twice a year. (And if it was twice, the second time was always Halloween. The National Crossdressers’ Night Out.)

So I was hardly a fixture on the scene in the early 00‘s. At that point, most of us weren’t bold enough to venture into mainstream clubs  So we hung out in safe, trans-friendly spots. Afraid of being insulted. Afraid of being assaulted. Afraid of being recognized. So we played it safe. Ironic when you consider that, in those days, the simple act of stepping outside your door was an act of great courage. And a bit of a political statement.

Back in the day. At an L.A. fetish event.

Not that any of us will ever be famous. No one will ever write books or make movies about us. When the Jackie Robinsons and Rosa Parks and Cesar Chavez’s of the trans movement are remembered, it won’t be us.

We dressed too sexy. Stayed out too late. Drank too much. Partied too much. Took too many drugs. Had too much sex. Concerned ourselves with superficial matters over larger, more important political issues.  And, in general, allowed ourselves to get caught up in nothing more than, well, ourselves.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Transgender Voice Feminization Help & Lessons Now Available from Suddenly Fem

Male to Female  transgender voice Feminization lessons

How Do I Feminize My Voice Male to Female?

Many transgender girls & crossdressers reach an impasse on their transformation journey when it comes to speaking like a woman. Male to Female Voice training is a journey. Join us in this two part podcast series where we explore what it means to sound feminine and discuss the techniques used to develop a ladylike tone. Part 2 will cover specific techniques you can practice at home, expert advice about vocal coaching expectations and recommendations about the best doctors for vocal Chord Surgery.

Suddenly Fem is here to help guide you with the best information & resources to help you be the Best you can Be!

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