Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Crossdressing gives me fulfillment: It makes me whole

By Kathy Hamilton

Almost every crossdresser will tell you roughly the same thing about their dressing journey.

Such a journey may have started from tentative beginnings, perhaps when they accidentally discovered they enjoyed wearing certain articles of women’s clothing to all the way to developing the finished product years later—a beautiful woman adorned in her En Femme outfits, with make-up, wigs, jewelry and other adornments, going out and about on the town, wanting to be seen and admired.

On the other hand, not every crossdresser ends up completing their journey by being a fully dressed, completely made-up beauty—and there are plenty who stop at different stages along the way; they may simply enjoy dressing in the confines of their homes in bras and panties, stockings and garters from En Femme, and admiring in the mirror how they look; others may go for a certain look such as short mini-skirts and tight tops, high heels -a look some may call girly or slutty but, hey, our crossdresser knows what he likes and why not?

Then there are crossdressers who, somewhere along the way, realize that they absolutely need to do more than just dress occasionally and, in fact, are on the transgender side of the spectrum—and that they really need to be living full–time as a female (with or without cosmetic or other surgery).

So, even though we are all fundamentally similar in having the unquenchable, unresolved desire to cross dress, what we sometimes tend to disagree on are two key things: first, why we cross dress and, second, what does dressing up as a female bring to our lives?

If you did a survey among a good sample of crossdressers and posed to them the following questions, I’m sure many of the answers would be something along the lines of:


- helps me relax after a stressful day at work or with the family; it’s so wonderful to take some time to myself, be able to shower, shave and slip into slinky underwear, a tight-fitting dress and become my alter ego, even if it’s only for a few hours or so.

-  allows the more feminine side of me to be revealed every so often; not every man has to be a macho-type who loves to race cars or motorbikes and or get his hands dirty changing engine oil; many of us have a more sensitive side lying semi–dormant within and it’s great to be able to enjoy this side of ourselves.

- allows me to express myself outside of the confines of the traditional male role people expect me to play every day; men are so confined by colors and styles and shapes of clothing, the way they are expected to behave and respond to certain situations.

- is an experience which others who do not cross dress can never truly appreciate; the overpowering sense of enchantment never goes away; the excitement is forever there and the anticipation leading up to a time when you can cross dress is unmatched.

- brings me a peace of mind which you cannot seem to find with other activities such as playing or watching sport, or meeting with (male) friends where the conversation centers around things which don’t really interest meAnd lastly a BIG one:

It makes me feel whole, it make me feel complete! It’s almost as if a missing part of my life, of my character, of me suddenly falls into place and I am a better, all-around person when dressed in women’s clothes. Apart from the physical changes I can make to my appearance, my character changes, my perspective on life is different and I am more content and at peace with myself and the world (at least for a while)!

Do any of these thoughts resonate with you? Do you see any similarities in the way you feel and how you look at the world when you are in your En Femme attire? If so, post a comment below us and let us know!

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Nicole North said...

i look at my pictures when i am Femme and notice that i am always smiling. That's because Nicole is the better side of me, more attentive, attractive, outgoing, confident. She is the person that I've always wanted to become and I cannot get enough of this girl. She was a revelation the first time I dressed and continues to amaze me.