Friday, August 14, 2015

The First 10 Yards - Starting your Transgender - Crossdressng Journey

(by Kathy Hamilton)

In the past, deciding to do the “first ten yards” could take me up to an hour.
And sometimes, I’d simply have to accept that I just could not do it. Sadly, I’d have to give up and either close my front door or simply start my car engine and head back from whence I came. Can you guess what I am talking about?
Well, if you reflect on your own crossdressing experiences, your own concerns, and your own innermost doubts, then I'm pretty sure you know what I mean!

Decisions, Decisions

In fact, almost every T girl has been through the same sort of dilemma of indecision sometime during her journey towards womanhood: Do I or don’t I? Shall I or shan’t I?
"Phew,” you think, gently dabbing your forehead with a paper tissue, as sweat trickles down your neck, your hands all clammy and stomach churning, “What shall I do?”
“Now or in a few minutes? In a few more minutes or maybe I’ll wait ten… or fifteen more. Is there anyone around? Can anyone see me? Oh, is that someone coming? Hm, I’d better not.” “Is my make up okay? Is my wig looking good? My dress nice and my outfit smart enough?”

Time to Own Up

Hands up if you have had similar thoughts while crossdressed in one of your smartest Suddenly Fem outfits. You surreptitiously peek out from behind the curtains of your living room, looking up and down your driveway, checking out both ways along your road.
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