Thursday, April 16, 2015

Considering Crossdressing In Public for the Very First Time?

No matter where you are in your CD/TG journey, we are all quite similar, fundamentally. To be honest, some T-girls move at a slower pace than others. Some girls start with the “basics” and pretty much stay that way, while other T-girls immediately embrace the “complete feminine look” from the very first touch of a bra strap on their shoulder or after the first pair of tights/nylons.

It’s one thing dressing to stay indoors, but it’s quite another dressing to go out.

What were you like? Cast your mind back to your early days.

Maybe in the beginning you wore only a bra and panties from Suddenly Fem, slipping on a pair of tights—or maybe even stockings and a suspender belt—followed by a silky nightdress or even a dress that might have been a few sizes too big. Oh, the thrills! Oh, the heavenly feelings, the joy!

Then there was the progression over the months, the years, mainly via trial and error. Perhaps the progression happened unknowingly, until suddenly, there bloomed a beautiful rose right in front of your mirror, a complete image of a most attractive woman—a well dressed, well made-up, feminine creature. Who was she, what was her name? 

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