Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Shopping in Secret for Crossdressing Clothing is now a thing of the Past! A New Retail Store Outlet is here

Philadelphia Magazine's GLBT Blog reports that Suddenly Fem has teamed up with Iconic South Street Store Passional to sell clothing and accessories just for crossdressers and transitioning Transgender women! a Retail outlet for Crossdressing Clothes is now available!

For crossdressers and transitioning transgender women, shopping in secret can be the norm. As of October 25, 2014, DL (down low) store browsing will become a faint memory now that this underserved consumer segment has a safe, caring location offering clothing and items tailor made for their bodies and lifestyles.  Suddenly Fem is now showing a myriad of styles from their fashion collection at Passional Boutique located at 317 South St, Philadelphia PA.
SuddenlyFem is the one and only fashion line with a complete selection of feminine dresses, suits, pants, lingerie and specialty under garments designed and manufactured for the biological male form.

For years, Suddenly Fem (SF) has allowed a select few customers to visit their design studios. Clients were in no way local. Many traveled from across the nation for their special fittings.  Demand and requests at SF have steadily increased for a retail outlet, but SF was never able to find a comfortable, safe environment for their clientele’s needs.

“We have primarily been an Internet fulfillment company but reps receive at least 4 requests a day from customers inquiring if we have a retail location,” states VP, Tyler DeSouza. “I first met the staff at Passional at the Mazzoni Center’s Philadelphia Trans Health Show in June 2014, as we both had a booth.  I was impressed by their organization, and after visiting the store I could not think of a more appropriate retail placement for our innovative, fashion designs.”  At the show, a collaboration was born.

Passional Boutique has been serving the alternative fashion lifestyle community for over 20 years and has a built-in following of crossdressing customers. Complimenting the great selection of specially designed styles is the exceptionally helpful and understanding staff at Passional – voted best “Adults Fun Only Store” Best of Philly (magazine) 2012.

As for demographics and customers, the city of Brotherly love makes perfect sense as a location for SF’s first retail outlet. Philadelphia has recently been increasing benefits, protections and heath care services to Transgender individuals leading Philadelphia Magazine to pen an article in August 2013 “Is Philly the New Transgender Capital of the World?”

Suddenly Fem will offer a full assortment of best sellers across their line. The collection will include dresses, teddies, gaff panties, skirts and even pants. Passional staff is prepared to guide the beginning x-dresser after collaborative training meetings with Suddenly Fem staff.

Kali Morgan from Passional, passionately declares, “We are excited to bring in this line that is so often mentioned by our customers! We have sold items for the transgender community since the start of our business, but this partnership will allow us to offer a wider variety of merchandise and educational resources for this underserved market.”


Teri Comstock said...

Love the store and online. Wish you had bathing suits and bikinis with built in pocket bra and gaff

Jenne said...

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