Monday, September 29, 2014

Suddenly Fem Debuts Most Comfortable Crossdressing Hiding Gaff To Date

An essential garment for crossdressers. transgender women and drag queens is called the gaff.  It’s purpose is to hide and conceal the biological male parts for a more feminine look.  Suddenly Fem has constructed the first hiding Panty gaff that is comfortable, yet conceals the biological male parts.  It provides all day comfort, a full back panty briefer design, and comes packages with 4 detachable garters and a pair of matching stockings!

For many years, this type of garment has been made in many shapes and sizes, but it is normally constructed as a tight thong panty.  A “girl” can get a fabulous, flat appearance, however, as you can imagine, sometimes it can be a bit uncomfortable.  Even the act of crossing ones legs while seated can be somewhat challenging.

Suddenly Fem has designed and manufactured thong gaffs for over 20 years.  The design staff is always listening to their clientele and innovating new styles based upon requests. Fall 2014 is a momentous year in style design for Hiding Gaffs.  No more chafing, rubbing, uncomfortable Gaffs.

“We are excited about the debut of this innovative new gaff style.” says VP of Operations, Tyler DeSouza. "We tested our designs with customers and on our models at our photo shoots to insure they provide all day flattening support as well as all day comfort”

Times are changing for transgender rights and inclusion.  There are many more transitioning (male to female) girls coming out and they are living en-femme 24 hours a day. These types of innovative, specialty garments are necessary to help transitioning transgender more comfortably achieve their goals.

The Comfort Hiding Gaff is available at the Suddenly Fem website under style 41601 for black and 41602 for White.

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