Saturday, September 20, 2014

New Suddenly Fem Zipper Dresses for Crossdressers and Transwomen For Fall 2014

There's nothing Sexier than a correctly designed Zipper Dress.
It gives you the versatility to change your look with either lowered necklines or higher slit placement.

Suddenly Fem has released two specially designed styles made ot fit the contours of the crossdressing male / Transgender woman's body!

The Bodycon Little Black Dress - Style 193  is the flagship style.  It not only looks sexy, but the curved black side panels create an hourglass figure. It features a full front metal zipper.

Purple Paradise Side Slit Front Zipper Dress - Style 1839. Sophisticated deep purple with a lowered hemline that creates a hot front slit - as high as you want to bring it up!

Visit Suddenly Fem for the most innovative, cutting edge fashions for the Transwoman and Crossdresser.  Everything is made to fit you.


mitch699 said...

As usual, Suddenly Fem is offering the very best, most sensous ...and most flattering CD attire that I have ever seen! priced well, a complete wardrobe, sexy...

A tremendous confidence-booster for all more having to turn down the best invitations for clubbing at the most upscale venues..or a casual laid-back coffee and chat...Fem leads the league!! mitchie

CiCi Kitten said...

Thanks Mitchie. that was so sweet of you to say! Ty @ Suddenly Fem

Daniels said...

I like small fold around zipper in the front, it definitely looks sexy even on not-so-perfect figure. The dress with side zipper looks great too. And the thought of how easy that zipper can make your dress come off your body adds spice into an average day even in a custom writing service review office:)
I wish I could find my perfect zipper dress.