Monday, November 11, 2013

Mercedes Demarko - Cover Girl! A Blog for SuddenlyFem by CiCi Kytten

When Mercedes Demarko walked into her second Suddenly Fem catalog photo shoot this past summer, she was understandably excited.  She’d done one shoot for the fashion website before, but this was a much bigger shoot.  And five days long.  

In her first shoot, there were only 3 people on the set -- including herself.  For her second shoot, there was a crew of 12... including several other models.  Mercedes was excited, but she was also a bit intimidated. The models she’d be working with had a lot more experience than her. 

The Suddenly Fem Fall Catalog -- featuring cover girl, Mercedes Demarko!

But Mercedes isn’t one to back down from a challenge.  She took her place on the set and in the dressing room alongside the other models and immediately felt completely comfortable.  “They were all so nice,” she says. “There was no cattiness at all.  They were much more experienced than I was, so they guided me. They helped me.  And gave me advice.”

And the fact that she was trans didn’t seem to be an issue either.

“They were very gracious.  Very friendly to me,” she says. They helped her with her poses... how to hold her hands, how to hold her posture.  And most importantly of all, how to relax.

All of that advice must have paid off. Because while Mercedes walked into that shoot as the most inexperienced model on the set, she walked away with the one thing that every model in the studio was hoping to score... the cover.

So this fall you’ll find Mercedes Demarko on the cover of the Suddenly Fem catalog --  the first cover of her modeling career. “It’s a thrill,” she says when asked about landing the cover.  “Especially when the other models have been working for years and years, and because they’re all so gorgeous.”

The other girls may have had more experience, but Mercedes is a natural.  She really enjoys trying on the different clothes.  Learning new poses.  Changing her style. For her, modeling is like playing a different character with every different wig or dress.  “I’m very thankful to Suddenly Fem for giving me the opportunity to show the different sides of Mercedes DeMarko to the public.”

Tyler DeSouza, Vice-President of Operations for Suddenly Fem, has enjoyed watching Mercedes develop and progress as a model. “Her confidence can be seen in her new pictures. You can see the confidence in her eyes now.”

He isn’t surprised at positive reaction she’s received -- both on the set and in the catalog.  “Even as a new model, she's very professional and everyone loves working with her at the shoots. She also really sells the clothing because so many of the customers either relate to her or they aspire to be like her.”

Of course, it helps that Mercedes finds the clothing she’s given to wear so inspiring.  For her, the fall line from Suddenly Fem can be summed up in one word, “empowering.”  “This new collection reaches new heights of femininity,” Mercedes told me. “From the moment I put something new on, I felt prettier, sexier, and empowered.”

Among her favorites are a red, enticing Suddenly Fem dress of 4-way stretch material that hugs her curves and is made to fit crossdressers (see photo above).  Another favorite was a hot new teddy top design with a luxurious animal print and a subtle metallic sheen.  In the catalog she poses in the teddy alone (showing off her amazing legs!) and then again with the teddy paired with an ultra hot 26” pencil skirt.  It’s a teddy you can take out on the town.

But the real stunner is the curve-creating pocketbra dress in the cover photo.  Part of Suddenly Fem’s head-turning Platinum Collection, the pocketbra design is both innovative and stylish. It’s the ultimate cocktail dress -- but it’s made to fit a man’s body! 

Check out the cover photo. Is it any wonder Mercedes found it empowering?

Suddenly Fem is dedicated to creating a seamless feminine illusion. And it shows throughout the new line.  Similarly, Mercedes is dedicated to becoming the best fashion model she can be.  

“Mercedes shared with me that she is re-inventing herself,” said DeSouza. “I hope her experience and exposure with Suddenly Fem will help her to achieve new opportunities to advance a new improved chapter in her life.”

Mercedes is proud of what she has accomplished so far.  But she also knows she has a lot to learn. On the set, she says she feels like a sponge -- soaking up all of the constructive criticism she receives and working to fine tune her presentation. “Give me the criticism,” she says. “Give me the advice. I like the challenge.  To improve.  To get it right.”

With two catalog shoots and one cover now behind her, Mercedes is obviously getting it right.  And she certainly has the right attitude.  When I asked her to tell me her favorite moment of the 5-day shoot, she said it was the end.  When it was all done and the crew had gotten their shots.

“At that moment I had accomplished what I set out to do” she recalls. “And they were happy with what I did. That’s a very satisfying feeling.” 

Click here to order a glossy, full-color Suddenly Fem catalog by postal mail or to download a free PDF version.  (For the best viewing of the PDF, be sure to indicate: "Two-up" and "Show Cover page during Two-up.")


Gemma said...

Thanks Mercedes, you give me hope and inspiration. Keep up the good work, you are sooo lovely.

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you so go, girl! so ravishing doll!

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She is such an inspiration.

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Love this look!!

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