Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Talking with Tiffany Amber Rhoads: Marriage, Modeling for Suddeny Fem and being one big Goofball

I met Tiffany Amber Rhoads right around the time she was first coming out. I started seeing her in LA clubs in the summer of ’07, and I was instantly attracted to her. (No surprise there – so was everyone else.) In addition to being one of the most girlish and pretty tgirls out there, Tiffany also has a great sense of fun about her. She ran with a group of really fun girls – taking photos all over Hollywood – and she was always smiling. She looked amazing, but if you chatted with her, in quiet moments, the terms she used to describe herself most were things like “dingbat” or “goofball.”

Not exactly what you’d expect to hear from the latest Hollywood ingénue! Makeup artist and Southern California t-scene legend, Gina Renee Ortiz of “Transformations by Gina,” has probably made-up and photographed Tiffany more than anyone else – including the most recent shoot for this website, Suddenly Fem. "Tiffany has always been one of my favorite models to work with,” says Gina. “She brings extraordinary energy to every shoot, and an unmatched enthusiasm for what she does.” But Gina also knows Tiffany’s goofball side. “Photographing and applying makeup for men Tiffany never feels like work, but more like a party. She is the silliest, happiest, and goofiest gurl I know, and one of my favorite people on Earth!"

Still, Tiffany had some pretty clear goals six years ago… and I honestly think she’s accomplished most – if not all - of them. And how many of the rest of us can say that – whether we’re talking about our vanilla lives or our transgendered lives. No matter what circles you travel in, any individual who actually reaches most of their goals is someone you have to respect.

When I spoke to Tiffany a few nights ago, she was still riding high from her wedding over six months ago. Tiffany and her GG wife, Sheena (Princess Pink in fetish circles), were married in front of their family and friends at the Chapel of Flowers in Las Vegas. And, although Tiffany got married in her handsome guy-mode, that doesn’t mean the two camera whores didn’t take some time out before the wedding to get all dolled up and pose for pix around one of the top floors of the picturesque Venetian Hotel. Tiffany remembers, “Sheena was walking through the lobby carrying this big petticoat and everyone was laughing. It was crazy.”

The next day, they were picked up in a white stretch limo and taken to the chapel. Adding to the typical wedding joy was the fact that Tiff and Sheena have been completely open with their immediate families about Tiffany’s cross dressing. And both families are accepting. (Sheena’s mom even makes jewelry for men for Tiffany.) As Sheena says, her family was okay with situation, “once they figured out that this isn’t our kink, this is our life.”

While many women would consider it a major drawback to marry a cross dresser, Sheena considers herself very lucky. “It’s normal for us,” she said. “I got to marry my best friend that I get to hang out with and go shopping with. It’s fun. And when she’s Tiffany that’s just another fun element. I love her guy side, and I love Tiffany. She’s like having a playmate.”

A very busy playmate as it turns out. In recent months, Tiffany has not only shot more photos and videos for Suddenly Fem, she’s also been featured on the cover of Repartee Magazine. (Repartee bills itself as the fun magazine that treats cross-dressing seriously. It has also been named “Best Lifestyle Magazine from the UK” by The Tranny Guide.)

Tiffany says that Repartee contacted her after seeing her photos on Flickr ;. They did an initial photo shoot and that went over so well, they offered her a cover. Repartee now publishes a feature on Tiffany in every new issue. In the magazine, Tiffany has written about topics ranging from her early desires to dress to her fun life in Hollywood.

Of course, Tiffany is best known for her gig at Suddenly Fem where she’s the premier transgendered model for Suddenly Fem’s stylish feminine clothing designed specifically for men. And, in case you wondered, this isn’t just a job for Tiffany. She’s a big fan of the Suddenly Fem philosophy. “Unlike other sites, they go out of their way to be current,” says Tiffany. “And they design the clothes the way a man needs… like around the shoulders. You can’t buy that kind of stuff on ebay or Wet Seal or Victoria’s Secret.”

“Go to Suddenly Fem,” she says. “Everything they do, they do it on purpose. They make beautiful, updated, stylish clothes so you can look like a totally hot supermodel chick in your own house, in front of your own mirror.”

(And what t-girl doesn’t love that!)

Tiffany was also kind enough to give us a few tips on her fave Suddenly Fem items and outfits. (And, no surprise, she looks amazing in all of them!) First she mentioned the Elegant Pink Blouse (Item #2124) – the silky smooth top with ruched front and sleeves, and sparkly buttons on the sleeve. “I put it on and it just screamed femininity,” Tiffany says. Next up, she raved about the Sexy Red Keyhole Open Blouse (Item #2193) that she paired – to stunning effect – with the Stretch Leather Mini Skirt (Item #3111).

“You feel like a modern sex goddess wearing an outfit like this! I tried it on and walked out and I felt like I owned the world.”

Tiffany said she was worried about her next pick… the tiny, sexy Denim Micro-mini Skirt with build in panty (Item #3048). “I didn’t think it would work for a man’s body,” she recalls. “I thought it would be good for, you know, a stripper.” But the moment Tiffany tried it on, her opinion changed. “You try this on with the biggest heels you’ve got, you look in the mirror… and you know you’re rockin’ it! I put it on and f*ck… it doesn’t get any better!”

Lastly, Tiffany chose her favorite item currently listed on the Suddenly Fem website: the Pink Satin Doll Dress (Item #1034). And Tiffany totally looks like a doll in it! “You can never go wrong in hot pink satin,” she says. Tiffany pointed out that it’s great to accessorize with this dress… because of the loose sleeves at the wrist, you can add your favorite bracelets without hiding them. And because it buttons down you can show as much (or as little) cleavage as you like. “This is my current favorite. You put this on and you feel fantastic.”

Tiffany obviously loves the clothes from Suddenly Fem and she has tons of respect for the site’s lead designer. But she actually didn’t meet Tyler DeSouza in person until her most recent shoot. And that, she says, was an experience.

“I’ve talked to him a lot on the phone, but this was the first time I ever met Tyler DeSouza in person,” says Tiffany. “That guy has the biggest personality on the planet. He brought it all, you know? He had this big smile, dressed to the hilt. And he was everywhere. He did the hair, the earrings… he was awesome. He totally gets right up in your mug... poking, positioning. It was unbelievable.”

And Tyler doesn’t quit until he gets what he wants. “We shot from 10 to 10. We did ten different outfits and wigs. And we just went for it all day long.” The stunning photos (and videos) you see now on the Suddenly Fem site are the result. “He showed up with blower!” Tiffany exclaims. “To blow my hair back, he brought a blower. He’s one fun mother*cker!”

If Tyler is indeed, “one fun mother*cker,” he’s met his match in Tiffany. Don’t get me wrong, she takes her modeling very seriously. She vamps for the camera. And she plays the role required – from sweet and innocent to sophisticated and sassy. But at heart, there’s still a part of Tiffany that will always be the fun-loving, self-described dingbat.

Goofball? Glam girl? Sissy superstar? Tiffany Amber Rhoads is all of those things… as well as a happy, devoted husband with a lovely bride who, together, feel like they’re still on their honeymoon. So what’s next for this rising star on the transgendered scene? She just wants to keep improving at everything she does. “I want to continue to highlight fashion like only a t-girl can,” she says. For her, modeling is more than just trying on clothes and posing. She wants to cause a reaction. “I want to make other cd’s jump out of their living room and say, ‘I have to have that!’ ”


Jackie Demars said...

I've been following Tiffany for several years on MySpace so it was a wonderful surprise seeing her modelling for Suddenly Fem. She is such a delight!

Anonymous said...

I guess id like to meet Tyler DeSouza someday. Sounds like our minds think alot alike, He just has
the right avenues to make things happen.

Diana Hile said...

It was interesting to read this article about Tiffany. She's a great woman and her career and life path is very impressing. I've read a lot of articles about her marriage and the most interesting is . She's really the woman that you want to be like.

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