Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Customer Story of Stepping Out as a Crossdresser For the First Time!

I just wanted to share the story of my first day that I ever was dressed outside of the comfort (and safety) of my bedroom. I had joined a group on meetup.com (I swear you can find a group for anything on there) for New York Transgenders and had talked to a couple of crossdressers an tgirls online. I never even been outside of my room fully dressed, but something about the way they chatted online made me feel at ease.

They meet up every Thursday, so one Thursday evening I put on my black stockings and gaff under my jeans and went down to the bar where they met up. I had gotten there early, and there weren't a lot of people there yet. So I went into the bathroom and got changed. Locking bathrooms are so incredibly nice, but I know I nearly chickened out three or four times as I was getting dressed. I could have left at any time, but for some reason, I decided to go through with it. Putting on my makeup for men and looking at myself in the mirror, I finally felt right, looked right, like I wasn't looking into the eyes of a stranger. As I walked out of the bathroom with my bag in tow, I walked over to the group of crossdressers and transgenders and shyly introduced myself to one of them. Immediately after I told them "Hi, I'm Angela", they turned around and introduced me to the entire group and just made me feel right at home.

I've never felt so accepted in my life, and I've never felt so right and at ease. Honestly, I was so amazed at how easily I responded to Angela, how natural it all felt to be called Angela. It's one of my most powerful and favorite memories ever. I have never felt so at ease with myself and talking as myself. I know that I spent a long time afraid to even think about going out, and that fear really did paralyze me for a long time. It nearly got the best of me that night from the moment I stepped into the bar until I was fully dressed and walking out. But I hope that if some people that are afraid to go out read this, that they might find that there is some possibility of finding a place where you can be accepted, and it might just feel more right than you ever thought possible.I hope this reaches people who are too scared to take that first step forward, because maybe, just maybe, they might find some comfort in seeing what might be waiting for them over the threshold. Love you! Angela


CiCi said...

Thanks so much for sharing your story. I know that stories like yours play out again and again all over the world. Stories of initial hesitancy, reluctance and fear overcome by sheer courage and pride, and, finally, greeted with acceptance and respect. I hope a lot of closeted girls read this and are inspired... just like we've been inspired by the others who went out before us. I loved your line, "it might just feel more right than you ever thought possible." that pretty much sums up every experience i've had in t-world! thanks again for sharing.

SexyLeslie said...

Thanks for sharing such a wonderful story Angela, it's really inspiring!! Maybe someday I'll do what you did....maybe...I hope it soon!! xoxoxo

Virginia Hatton said...

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