Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Transgendered Modeling

I know that CiCi and I have been getting into the media, politics and coming out and things of that nature more and more frequently…but this is a story I just could not pass up to write about!

I am not sure how many of you that read this are aware of the high fashion model Lea T. She is not your typical runway and print model—she is the first, most popular transgendered model. Hailing from Brazil she was born as the son of a very popular football (soccer) star. At a young age, like most of my customers that I speak to, Lea knew she was different. She experimented with her sexuality and ultimately decided that she preferred men. She began dressing in her early 20s and states that it was liberating—she knew it was right. She came out to both of her parents, her father was widely accepting and told her that the first time she hit the runway as her female true self was the happiest day of his life. Her mother is/was not as tolerant—this is actually a role reversal for me—I typically hear the opposite; father not understanding and the mother being accepting. Lea thinks that it is a misunderstanding, which is what I think and hear a lot. As I’ve said in earlier blogs, being a crossdresser or transgendered male, wearing dresses for men and tucking gaffs is just not something people like to talk about and really don’t understand unless you live it.

I think it is fantastic that Lea T. has been voted number forty on the top fifty female models. She has graced the cover of magazines with well known high fashion models such as Kate Moss. She did a spread in French Vogue where she was nude—breasts out and covering her male parts. She was considered Givenchy’s muse for one of his seasons and has walked many other runways. She is an inspiration to all. She is going to go in for reassignment surgery, from what I understand she will be doing that soon. On her interview on Oprah, which can be found here: she was so honest and well spoken despite a bit of a language barrier. The only thing that I found a bit off-putting is that she considers her being transgendered a disease. In all reality it is referred to in the medical world as Gender Identity Disorder (GID)—described as person who experiences extreme gender dysphoria. I can’t say for sure, I’m not a doctor—but I don’t think it is an “illness”. And then it raises the question what about men who just enjoy crossdressing? Wearing panties for men and a hot large cap wig for men? Is there a diag-non-sense for that?

Again, hitting the media hard, the transgendered and crossdressing community is breaking through. I think that having Lea T. on the scene, the media “scandal” about the popular television star, the Academy Awards (as horrendous as it may have been) and even the latest pop songs really are making the world more aware. Not necessarily just the cross dressing community, but simply acceptance of an individual. The crossdresser, the transgendered model, the girl around the corner that doesn’t make the best decisions in the world…whatever the case may be. You are who you are. What is in you is in you. What makes you happy makes you happy. Slowly but surely we are getting there. I don’t think that the world will ever be “prefect”. I don’t think that all things will ever be accepted—but I do believe that we are turning over a new leaf.

What are your thoughts on Lea T.? Do you consider yourself a crossdresser, transgendered? Are you post-op or just taking hormones for men to experiment? Were you offended by the fact that Lea T. considers herself as having a disease? Surprised that her father was more accepting? I am curious!


Anonymous said...

She is stunning. I'm not sure how I feel about the "disease" thing. But I'm happy the media is putting more attn. towards us girls. We deserve it.

Anonymous said...

i think it is great

Anonymous said...
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camille said...

i went to the oprah link and towards the bottom is the spread she did in french vogue...that took courage. she is really embracing who she is. i wish it were that easy for all of us.

Anonymous said...

She is so pretty! I love it when people are who they really are, and succeed at it! IMHO it's not a disease, but whatever... we're on the right track baby... ok I'll stop now!

Darcy said...

I agree we are on the right track! It seems like crossdressing and tras have been non stop in the media lately. Loving it! It feels like a movement for our population.

Anonymous said...

But her face is a man`s face!

haircutting classes said...

This may seem taboo to most people, but if it's the sake of modeling, meaning a body to complement certain styles, then it's all good.

Christine said...

I enjoy reading the blogs of CiCi Kitten and my sister cross-dressers and transgenders who are all out there. I know by my reading this blogs giving us the true facts of what we all have encountered. I know you have all made me feel good about myself, as a cross-dresser myself in which I have being privately living with since a very young age, where I have continuied into my teen years and adult-hood. Though I was born a male and a son to a farming family, I knew I was different at my young age from other boys. I loved secretly wearing my sister`s dresses and skirts and I knew I had felt. It was a great feeling. Though like many people who secretly live this way, I too could not let my family and friends know about my secret urges,wants and obessions to dress like a girl. Where if my family and friends knew I would black listed by everyone around me. I have had to live with this terrifying moments in me for a very long time. Now I am 55 years old and I still secretly dress as a woman and still afraid of my family and friends finding out, but has being driving me crazy to the point that I wish I would have being born a girl. The one regret I have today is I wish I would have pursued fully in becoming a woman back in my teen years. I know my life would be alot better with having to sneak around secretly dressed as a woman in which I want to be so bad. I thank CiCi Kitten and all of my sister cross-dressers and Transgender girls for the blogs and morale support. It has made me see myself in a very different way of accepting myself.

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