Thursday, February 10, 2011

Popular Sitcom Star Blind Sided By Crossdressing Accusations Danielle at SuddenlyFem

I’m not sure how many of you girls keep up on your celebrity gossip…but this one has even hit CNN it’s considered to be such a big deal. A well known actor, director and producer is in the midst of, to put it mildly, a messy divorce. Said actor, who we choose to remain nameless in our blog, was married to a former Playmate for seven years and has two small children with this woman. Like most couples in Hollywood these two spent a lot of time in different parts of the world. Some couples can with stand the test of time and distance; however, this one could not apparently. While starring in a play in New York our unnamed star found himself enamored with another woman—hey it happens everyday in the real world, what makes the bubble that is Hollywood different? Clearly this led to a VERY public battle, which has been closely followed by the press because, let’s not lie to ourselves, we all secretly like to hear that the rich and famous are basking in misery and drama.

The shots are being fired by the highly upset soon to be ex-wife. Going on a extremely popular radio show the previous Playmate eluded to her old beau being a crossdresser. She didn't say no, she didn't say yes...but it leaned very much towards the latter. As it hit the airwaves you would think that it was comparable to the Kennedy scandal(s). Every gossip column and news outlet was going on about it. At first the star would not confirm nor deny and then his camp decidedly denied and the ex-wife reneged her cliff hanger accusations. At this point, the so called "damage" had been done. Statement retracted or not, everyone is contemplating whether or not this celebrity is in fact a crossdresser.

This particular situation brought crossdressing into the limelight. If you type crossdresser into any search engine at this point it is the first story to pop up. Some news outlets did put a negative spin on crossdressing--others just considered it a sucker punch during a whirlwind divorce. It got me thinking...SO WHAT? What if this star were a crossdresser? What if your father, your brother, your neighbor, your doctor, your postal worker was transgendered? At the end of the day how does that effect you, as the non crossdressing party? Or as the crossdressing party for that matter? The gay and lesbian community get a lot of press and are diligently working towards mass acceptance, and are making steps towards that. The crossdressing and transgendered community is not as readily recognized--not as understood, I believe. So when crossdressing gets thrown into the limelight, it gets glanced at and then again swept under the carpet as if it is taboo. I'd like to know your thoughts on the matter. I am a firm believer that all people have the right to happiness. If you are someone that likes to wear sexy lingerie for men on weekends how does that reflect on you as a person? It doesn't, it is simply a preference. For example, I prefer boy shorts and hot pants over a much more "feminine" thong. Does that change who I am as a person? No. It is just what I feel comfortable, sexy and how I express myself.

Comment with your stories, your thoughts and feelings on the public/societal view of crossdressing. Be proud about your personal preferences and what makes you feel sexy and share it because you deserve to!


Anonymous said...

I haven't really been following this story so I'm unaware of the reasons behind the divorce, but I can say that I feel EXTREME sympathy for this man. If he did share his crossdressing secrets with his wife those were likely the deepest secrets he held. The exwife knows exactly what she is doing--she is trying to hurt him in the worst way. Having been exposed unwillingly by an exgirlfriend myself I can say that it is an embarrassment I would wish on no one.

Anonymous said...

I have followed the story and it is sad. Divorces are hard enough without accusations, true or not, muddying the public view. I hope he finds peace in his life, but he better remember with new woman that there is no hell like a woman scorned.

Within this whole ordeal, does it matter if he is a crossdresser? Not to me. Most people do not know that I am and many would be SHOCKED. I am involved with youth in my job and my associations, and it is very scary for me that someone "finds out." The public perception of this could cause me to lose my job or be kicked out of the organizations that I belong to, eventhough I have NO interest in children. Many people do not understand that. I am afraid that they associate any "deviance" with sexual immorality and all "perversions." So I like to wear women's clothes, so what? However, that is not how I think it would be perceived.

I wish this actor the best and hope that he enjoys life, no matter what his choices are. The "outing", although hinted at in a shock jock radio show, is still a low blow.

Anonymous said...

This is the first i heard about this story. It's really upsetting because my exgf left me because i like to wear womens clothes. I on the other hand enjoy it and she thought it was embarrassing. I actually outed myself so I can't simpathize with the guy but in a way i can. If he really is a crossdresser i welcome him to the communitty.

Anonymous said...

boy can i relate. the fear has gotten to the point where ashot looking as i am, im terrified, i go to work come home live alone and scared, my child what if my exwife tells him, like the time she caught me full enfemme, and tore up all my clothes, how for years im known im bi sexual cd, and to make matters worse, veryenfemme built, and pretty when not hiding it behind a beard and mustache, and my neighborhood is filled with very phobic people, moostly Jamacans who are verbally and physically cruel to transgirls like me! im lonely afraid attractive and horny, trying to find like minded friends who really have balance and can accept me and we can help each other, mainly with being comfy with who you are inside i need some true DragSistas. im really cooped up, and its weird cause when ive gone out even poloice officers have tried to talk to me until they hear my voice, as well as whenever ive gotten the heart up to go! please im aching for help Ci Ci. im like you in a lot of relatable aspects! whatwould my Mother say? she's religious, as well as my family, and few friends i got., ive purged several times, ive gone back determined and even more hotter, im learning new skills to make more money even though im hott enough to be a working gurl my body is very femme, especially from chest down,like a voluptuous black woman with a 38inch ass hunni.pretty,men have tongued me down i admit im a freak, but i also love pussy, but i find myself wanting anal and drinking semen to be yummy. im going bananas,and i actually took a week off and did not go anywhere , petified to go out,no support, and it's frustrating for me..i am frustrated also by seeing in the mirror, that i could actually be a hot shemale if i had some support in the Sista level..holla back gurls, please! xoxo,CiCi!

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