Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Journey Towards Feminine Perfection Continues Photos Below! By: Renee

Dear Danielle,

As I continue to journey towards feminine perfection, I felt that I must update you on my progress to this point. With your support and professional guidance, I have just been amazed with the results that the  female hormones for men have delivered to this point.

It has been about 9 months now since I first started my journey, and with your ability to listen and understand what it is that I am trying to accomplish, you were able to put me on a regime that has helped to yield phenomenal results.

Having been on the Estro Boost, Booster Plus and now the Breast Booster, the very masculine body that I once knew, has now become increasingly feminine and is more in line with what I would like my end result to be. I have seen the muscle mass in my shoulder area, all but disappear and the neck area has been greatly reduced in size and shape. My facial features have been totally redefined and I have experienced a major reduction in the amount of facial hair growth. I have gone from shaving twice daily to shaving once every 3 days. Even at the 3-day mark, the hair growth is very minimal and I don’t worry about having beard shadow anymore. The facial skin has smoothed out and the pores are non-existent, allowing me a perfect canvas to apply my makeup to. In addition to the smoothness, my cheeks are becoming more defined and the neck area doesn’t show my Adams apple anymore, but does show some nice collarbone features. The progress is truly amazing.

The rest of my body redesign is in full swing as well. I have gone from the linebacker look to a feminine look that is very pleasing. The hormones have redefined my waist area, allowed me to have feminine shaped hips and have taken control of the weight redistribution process. I have gone from a size 22 dress to a size 18 and my waist has gone from a size 42 to a size 38 as well. I now can see my shoulder blades and they are truly feminine in nature.

Since being on the hormones and recently adding the Breast Booster to the regime, I can now proudly state that I am a true “B” cup and just shy of a “C” cup, when it comes to my breast development. The bra that I have in the “B” cup is starting to get tighter and a true “C” cup is in the near future.

I have attached a few pictures for you to view and I hope that you are as happy with my progress as I am. With your help and guidance, I am becoming the women that I have always wanted to be and when I am out and about, there is never any question in my mind that society doesn’t view me as anything but totally female. The feeling is amazing and one that completes me.

The final part of the journey is to ease onto the Fem Shaper and give true definition to the breast area as you have mentioned. I know and trust that when the time is right in my journey, you will be there with your guidance and support to take me to the next level.

As people take their journey, they need to learn that patience is a must and they must not rush the process. If they listen to what you tell them and adhere to the regime that you suggest, they too will be able to realize their dreams and what a wonderful day that will be in their journey.

Thanks again, Danielle for being there along the way…. You’re the best!



Phone Sex said...

Its sounds great looking and hearing from a feminine or any matter associated to characteristic of a woman specially of a mature woman.
Thanks to the author for providing this interesting things.

Anonymous said...

Renee looks simply exquisite in her cocktail dress, opera gloves and hot hosed legs!

Phone Sex said...

Thanks for sharing this blog post with me. Don’t worry your shoulder look normal, it doesn’t let others feel the mass area. You are looking beautiful.

Anonymous said...

You're makeup looks stunning! Not caked on or anything. I have trouble with that; feel like I am compensating. I love your hair as well. Thank you for sharing your journey!

Jenny_snow said...

Great job Renee..I am at the start of my second year..I am glad everytime i hear about hormones look beautiful keep it up

Phone Sex said...

Renee you looking beautiful.thanks for this have written good things about feminie perfection.