Monday, November 1, 2010

Sam and Samantha the cross dressing perfect partner!

Below is a story that we at received from one of our customers about how Sam's girlfriend found out that he liked to cross-dress. Please share your stories about your cross dressing experiences by leaving a comment.

I had been dating Melissa for about 9 months and it was going great. Melissa and I had a numerous common interests; we had been away on a vacation together and even meet each others families. Well that was until one night when Melissa and her girlfriends went to a charity drag queen bingo event and discovered me…..her cross dressing boyfriend “Samantha”.

Let me back up a bit and give you the details to what happened. I was glancing through one of those throw away papers and came across an ad looking for volunteer drag queens to perform at a charity event. I thought to myself this is my chance to try out my alter ego “Samantha” not too far of stretch from my own name of Sam.

I called the number and spoke with Neil who was the organizer. He explained to me that a local club was hosting drag queen bingo to raise money for AIDS research and they needed additional volunteers dressed in drag to help. Neil told me that is was a ton of fun and the only real skills you need is to be friendly. All I would be doing would be walking around selling bingo cards, tickets for door prizes and encouraging people to bid on the silent auctions items. Neil said that the year before they had raised over $25,000 so he knew they would need more help this year as they already had sold 1800 tickets to the event. He asked me to email me a few pictures of me dressed in drag and he would then send me all the details. After talking to Neil, I decided to send him my cross dressing pics and volunteer at the event.

It was all set and Neil said that my transformation from male to female was flawless but now what to do about Melissa? I had worked out my schedule at work to be available for this. No traveling that week. What was I going to tell her? Melissa honey I have something to tell you…I am a cross dressing. Did not think that would go over so well….or what if tried this you need to know that I love to cross dress and wear satin panties for men; I hope you don’t have a problem with this babe? What was I to do?

The Friday night of the charity drag queen event turned out not to be a problem as Melissa told me earlier in that week she had plans to go out with some of the girls from work. I was off the hook for now of having to tell Melissa that I loved to strap on a set of silicone breast forms or that I had closet full of cross dressing clothes and heels for men that she no idea about.

The night of the event I came home and started gathering my stuff that I had hidden around my place:
beard cover, make up, wig, false eye lashes, gaff, stockings, shoes. I sat down in front of the mirror and just started getting dressed into “Samantha” when I was all done I looked at myself in the mirror and thought I really look hot!.

I arrived at the event and all the other drag queens are talking about how they get a lot of their cross dressing items from So I chimed in and said me too. We all started sharing tips about how to use the cross dressing gaffs to get a perfectly flat crotch and how heels for men hurt after several hours and how do women wear them all the time. it was like I was one of girls it was so fun but the event was starting time to go work the floor.

The event was packed. I was walking around asking people to bid on spa package and having fun with it. Then all of a sudden I turn around and there was Melissa and her friends. First Melissa looked at me kinda like a deer in headlights and then all of sudden she says “Sam”? I said “yes” and Melissa said “you are even hotter as girl” and plants a long hard wet kiss on me. Needless to say she messed up my lipstick and I had to go touch it up. I asked Melissa if she was mad that I did not tell her and she said “mad no way are you now my perfect partner both male and female”.

Over the next few weeks Melissa and I went out with me dressed as Samantha and it was just incredible. I showed Melissa my closet of cross dressing clothes she said to me “I now I know why you were only able to give me a drawer at your place as your closets were full”. Melissa even helps me with my makeup and wig selections it certainly has brought us closer as a couple as Melissa loves Samantha as much as Sam. For all of you cross dresser's out their don’t keep it a secret. Let your inner cross dressing diva out!


Phone Sex said...

Really you are both looking so beautiful…

Anonymous said...

I loved your details of dresing and telling your wife and liking you as a woman and helping you be a better woman.

Jazmen said...

Let's see........
Melissa.......Hmmm....Melissa?......Melissa?..have you see..n
I wish there were more Melissa's
Jazmen J

Anonymous said...

Very nice story hon. You are a lucky "gurl."

Anonymous said...

Aww good for you! You held me to the end of the story and it was pretty heartwarming to hear you say she still accepted you. I wish all women were like that :)

Elaine Hall said...

wow, love the story so nice and she is a great woman for helping you!!

Rene said...

My girlfriend and I broke up two months ago.At first when I revealed my my fetish for lingere she did tolerate it but thought it weird towards the end. Since then I hooked up with an old friend (christine) and we ended up fooling arround (adult fun) then one night I revealed "my panties" when we got undressed and she loved them and asked if I had more "stuff"to wear. I said I did and she gave me a full closet at her house to display all my things and I have enough for a full transformation. She is totally into me (Rene) I can now walk arround fully dressed as her special gurl anytime I want. we went shopping for Rene last week and she bought me a beautifull necklace, shoes,hot pink skirt,and stockings.I'm all dressed up and waiting for her to come home.So i know how lucky we both are to have someone to share (little secret)with who truly enjoys it. I am now truly happy, and can indulge in my FULL closet of clothing anytime I want. I hope other crossdressers can find someone to make them feel as sexy and feminine as we do . All the best Rene.

Anonymous said...

Last year, following the break up of a long relationship I decided to brave the dating usual dating website. Amidst all the rather boring and predictable profiles, I saw a mind blowing photo of a cross dresser and immediately sent a message. Just because I thought it was so creative and brave. Anyway, I got messaged back and the upshot is that I'm now dating a lovely person. I think my 'girl' is gorgeous dressed up. I love helping with the make up and clothes and think she looks super sexy when dressed. Don't think I'd want to switch back ever... It was a lucky find for both of us because it just isn't easy for straight women to meet straight cross dressers.

Anonymous said...

I am very lucky also, in that I am a married girl. My wife loves me for me, not what I am wearing. She did take me shopping the other day. We brought a few pairs of womans jeans, a pretty dress, makeup and shoes to top up my wardrobe.
I am able to dress as a girl when ever I like, and my wife has no problem with me doing this. I'm a very lucky girl that's for sure!

Anonymous said...

Been c/d for many years, was hidden in closet for years before my wife bough me girlie under ware for Father's Day. Now I go out weekly and spend lots of time with the girls. She joined me at first and now is pulling back from me as a girl. I wish I could get we're u two are. I have not neglected her as a man or women, if fact as a women I understand her thoughts.

Anonymous said...

I've been dressing as Michelle for many years and my wife loves it. I look quite femminine as Michelle and consider myself at least barely passable, yet we've only gone out publically once. Even if we travel a bit, we're afraid we'd run into friends or relatives; and even if they did reconize me right away, if they reconize my wife the would realize it was me in drag. Does anyone where you can travel, here or abroad and not feel uncomfortable or stared at??

jackie said...

I just came out tonight!I thought it would crush my wife,but to my surprise she was more than understanding,in fact gave me a pretty red corset and stocking and helped me with make-up.I was in the closet for almost 40yrs.stupid me,Ifeel so free discovering my inner gurl.

Anonymous said...

Great photo! Well here is my story-I have dressed for Halloween-pretty much only-for years, but last year the club where I sometimes play acoustic music stared doing drag events. Coincidentally, I have sung songs by female artists privately with a few buddies for years. After some soul searching, I decided to take a chance and perform live, switched from original music to cover songs, all by female artists and all in the original keys, totally dressed. People have been incredible, even a few whom I thought would object. I`ll be performing on Oct. 31st this year, I`m even taking the day off work and have a salon appointment scheduled. Through all this, one of my biggest supporters has been a lady who was my love interest for several years. She is married now but we are still best friends even though we now reside in separate countries. I still have no plans to be fully `out`, but I never would have thought the events of the past year would happen. Without her support I may have never decided to take things public.

Milena Velba said...

I finally told my sister that I love the idea of being a woman and that I have secretly cross-dressed for years. She really wasn't surprised. She gives me her full support. She even offered to help me transition into womanhood, if that is what I decide to do. Knowing that I have that support, really helps a lot.

Anonymous said...

you are truely lucky when my wife found out DIVORCE but now for my first dress completely as a women it is suposed to be with her but she does not wish to continue our marriage and is moving out of state

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