Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Everyone's Favorite Holiday!

With Halloween coming up it got me thinking—it is the one time of year that it is okay to pull out your inner self, your inner desires, be who you want without any judgment. I know for myself, as a genetic girl, I always pick a costume that is super sexy and flaunts all my assets because, I have to be honest, typically I’m just too self conscious about it. I brought this up with a good friend of mine, Stephanie, who has been in the cross dressing “closet” for quite a few years now. I wanted to know what she’s planning, what she’s wearing and how she feels about having the opportunity to be her true self.

I know, just from having conversations with Steph in the past, how hard it is for her. She has to dress in private and hide it from a lot of people in her life. She is too afraid of any possible backlash, general acceptance, and of course passing. For the past two years she has gone out for Halloween as a woman. Last year she played it up in the ultimate crossdressing costume. Big hair, big make up, our 1048 Fun, Sleek and Exciting Dress, thigh high silver boots in men sizes, fishnets…the whole nine yards. Now, this isn’t how she dresses all the time, she tends to be a bit more subtle, but hey, who cares?! It’s Halloween! The year before that she went out as her true self: A simple curve hugging black dress, a china doll wig for men with blunt cut bangs, similar to our 8302 style, and 5 inch pumps. Out of our friend circle, about three of us know that she is a cross dresser. We go to the same bar every year for their Halloween bash and every year they have the same costume contest. Last year, Stephanie went home with the grand prize purely due to the fact that every man and woman in the bar either wanted to be her or be with her! I can’t tell you how happy she was that night. The smile plastered on her face was priceless.

We met for coffee last week and I wanted the dish.

Danielle: “What is Halloween like for you?”

Steph: “It is absolutely my favorite day of the year. I get to be who I am, do what I want free from any judgment. I am comfortable in my own skin while crossdressing and in my everyday 9 to 5 life…but this is my chance to “come out of the closet” and be accepted.”

Danielle: “I know just by going out with you on Halloween that you are very passable. You get hit on by anyone and everyone. How does that make you feel?”

Steph: “It is the greatest feeling. I feel like words don’t do it justice and you have to see and experience it to believe it. I spend hours at home perfecting my makeup (between the beard shadow cover and the right lipstick...it's a process!) and choosing just the right outfit and for it to be noticed and appreciated is thrilling. It makes me feel like that if one day I were able and willing to “come out” that I would be accepted into society as a woman. I’d be able to live my life as a passable genetic girl.”

Danielle: “What about this year? What are your costume plans for our annual bar bash?”

Steph: “I’m going to walk the line. I want to be hot and sophisticated with a bit of drag. I’m planning on wearing more of a classic spin on a little black dress, sexy crossdressing lingerie and regular pumps…but out of control with the makeup and hair. I want red curls and a smoky eye with dramatic lips. I’m going to do it up like I did last year with the makeup and hair…but dress like I did two years ago. I’m pretty excited to see the reaction this year. I am actually using the same costume for an office Halloween party this year. I want to see how that goes over…should be interesting!”

Danielle: “You’ll knock them dead at the office. Make sure that you keep the harassment cases to a minimum. I can’t wait to see you all decked out!”

It sounds like Steph is really excited to hit the town on Halloween and you should be too! Let your hair down (or put it on!) and break out the lipstick because it’s your night! If you need help putting a costume together or just want help shopping for a new crossdressing wardrobe give Danielle a call at 215-881-9470 or send an e-mail over at bvp5000@aol.com


Anonymous said...

halloween is my favorite. i'm more into drag so i go allllll out. it's liberating!

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