Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Crossdressing hiding Gaffs in size small! Let Crossdresser.com the super store for the cross dressing male fulfill your needs!
By: Chrissy Winters

Did you hear the latest from Suddenly Fem? I just found out that Crossdresser.com now offers several of their cross dressing gaffs in a size small and could not keep this secret to myself. I had to share this exciting news with all of you Dolls. The cross-dressing gaff is the ultimate concealing garment needed and used to flatten out the crotch area and must have garment for any cross dresser! If you want to have a realistically smooth crotch area then the gaff is what you need.

One of my favorite cross dressing gaffs from Crossdresser.com is style # 41003 (shown left). I love this color because it can be worn underneath anything and not be visible! I also am loving the feminine appeal of the satin fabric and the adorable bow!

Style # 41024 (shown right) also comes in size small and I love this beautiful aqua color. These two hiding and tucking gaffs are both made with a very strong yet soft satin fabric with the added benefit of a reinforced crotch area. Plus Suddenly Fem has redesigned their cross dressing gaffs so that they are bit higher at the waist to elongate your legs and accentuate your waist!

Dolls for those of you who are new to cross dressing let explain what a gaff is. A cross dresser uses a hiding and tucking gaff to smooth out the front crotch area. Crossdresser.com special designed hiding and tucking gaffs do not have any special extra gadgets or pockets like one might find at other places. With a little guidance from Crossdesser.com's tucking and hiding instructions that come with each gaff, any man can achieve a realistically smooth front crotch area that will stay flat for hours. After all it would be just awful to be out and about and all of sudden a little extra something.

Crossdresser.com offers the largest assortment of cross dressing hiding gaffs anywhere! Remember that Crossdresser.com's knowledge, huge styles selections and expertise of designing for the male cross dress is exceptional. You can find all of their cross dressing underwear at: http://www.crossdresser.com/


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