Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Journey: A Customer Testimonial on SuddenlyFem's Hormone Supplements

As a personal shopper and customer consultant here at SuddenlyFem, I am ALWAYS asked about our hormones for men. As I tell everyone, results vary on a case by case basis--but one of my "regulars" as I jokingly refer to her, was willing to tell her story in using our hormone supplements. Hope this helps! And thank you Renee for sharing your journey!

My Journey

I would like to tell you about my journey and how your products, specifically your natural hormone supplements have helped to enhance my chances of getting to the end.

There were many concerns that I had about taking synthetic hormones. The dangers that they posed, far out weighed the risk that I was willing to take to achieve my goals. I was also concerned with the fact that, once I started taking hormones, the changes might be very fast, and if I were to change my mind, I would not be able to reverse the changes that would be made. Like so many, I was at a defining moment and had to make a decision of whether or not to continue pursuing my goals. In reading the multitude of articles out there about synthetic versus natural hormones, I happened upon your company. I found your company to be both professional as well as informative when it came to getting answers to my questions.

The goals that I wanted to achieve, were as follows:
  • Softer more feminine looking facial skin with pore reduction
  • A more feminine looking frame size
  • Less hair growth on the body as well as the facial are.
  • An overall more feminine shape to the body in total.
In talking with Danielle , I was more then pleased with her help and guidance. She completely explained to me what I could expect to see in the way of results if my body reacted positively to the regime that she was suggesting. I started with the Estro Boost product, and then added the Booster Plus product to it as well.

I can’t tell you how happy I am with the results. My face is extremely smooth and feminine, and my pore size is more that of a woman, and not the larger pores that we males tend to have. In addition to this, my overall skin is much smoother, the hair growth has been greatly reduced, both on the facial area and the rest of the body, and my overall feminine shape has really started to take hold. There have been no side effects and I just think the products are wonderful!
I like many of you, wanted to see results. Like many of you, I wanted to see them fast or I wouldn’t be happy. The truth of the matter is that you have to have patience. The immediate results that we all want to see, really takes time.

At first, I could tell the changes were happening. My facial area was starting to take on a different shape, and my shoulder and neck areas were starting to change as well. The muscle mass that I once had, was starting to be redefined reduced and re distributed. The skin started to soften, and there were signs that my mid section was being reshaped as well. Of course I was very pleased and excited. With my excitement, I wanted it to happen faster and I wanted to see some breast growth as well, but I had to remember to be patient. I had to remember that this was a process and that you were totally re defining your body, which is a time defined process.

Now, after being on the natural hormones for a few months, I have witnessed a transformation process that has exceeded my original expectations. My frame size is more feminine then masculine, the facial and body hair has been greatly reduced and my face is ultra smooth. The mid section has now been reshaped and my feminine curves are in all the right places. My breast area is showing good signs of growth and I look great in that little black dress that I purchased as well.
I can say that I am absolutely pleased and amazed at how your product works, and the support that your company gives to their clients, is nothing but top shelf.
I highly recommend the hormone supplements that you are producing, and if your clients walk before they run, they will see amazing results as well.
I have attached a before and after picture for your viewing. As you can see, the transformation is nothing short of remarkable.

Thanks Danielle for helping me along my journey.



If you've got any question, concerns, need help choosing a regimine for our male hormone supplements or simply want to share your story feel free to contact Danielle at SuddenlyFem by calling 215-881-9470 or via email


Francis Jean said...

Thanks for the info Renee. I have been holding on to the trigger for a bit about hormones supplements. I think I will give it a try and see how my journey will be through femininity

Jacqueline said...

Renee, thank you for sharing your journey. I am also on the hormones. I just started about a month ago and the first thing I noticed is my skin softening. I appreciate the words on encouragement. Keep going!

Renee said...

Francis Jean,

Thanks for the kind words, but you will soon be able to talk about your journey as well. It will be a great journey, and to you, it will be noticeable, but to others, it will be gradual and not earth shattering to them. You will be amsazed at the changes that you will see. Remember though, it is a PROCESS and that takes time. We all want to rush things, but you are re designing a new you, and it will take time, but it WILL happen. If I can be of help with any questions, just ask. Have a wonderful journey and enjoy.

Renee said...


You are a most wonderful journey. Remember to have patience and stay the course. You are doing a complete redesign of your body, and that takes time. To others, it will look like you got younger and healthier. To you, it will be things that you see on a daily basis. You will become so in tune with your body, how it feels, how it reacts etc. that you will know that things are taking place. If you are like me, you will now see the muscle mass in the face and the neck starting to decrease, and then the shoulders will start to reduce in muscle mass as well. Along with your skin feeling smoother, you will notice that it almost feels as though it is getting thinner to the touch. This is an amazing feeling and it continues to reshape and smooth out over time. Also, as your body accepts the increase in estrogen, then you will see your curves starting to take shape. Your weight re distribution will start to take off, and you will actually be able to see your weight dropping down, and then away. Your hips and buttocks will start to fill out, and this is just the start. Any questions that you have of me, you can just ask and I would be happy to discuss them with you.

Danielle said...


You are a sweetheart! Thanks for responding to all of the customer posts, I appreciate it so much. I've gotten more calls and emails since we last spoke. People are responding so well.

As usual, have a good weekend and stay out of trouble :)

Renee said...

I know that it is a big concern for most when it comes to breast development and growth. Many of us want them, some can't afford to have them show, and others are in between somewhere with their thoughts. My experience with the combination of the Estro Boost and the Booster Plus supplements is that the development is gradual and going on all the time. I don't think that you notice it though, until you have had your body accept the new estrogen levels and re design process. When your body starts to be re shaped and your curves are being put in the proper places, then your breast development is really noticeable to you. You can see from a side view that there is real development happening. From the top down view, you see the feminine swells and the formation process. From a straight on view, you can see that you have tissue development underneath the armpit area as well, which is all heading toward the proper breast development. You even notice taht your nipple area is more sensitive as well during the growth phase. I'm not sure about the supplements that Danialle sells that are specifically targeted to this area, but if you asked for her help and opinion, I'm sure that she would guide you along the proper path to obtain the look that you are seeking.

martha said...


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Anonymous said...

So a new crossdresser, what hormones would you say i should try?

Delirium said...

I wish to try this but 3 things are holding me back. my father would react, my brother is ok with the idea. job... my boss is cool and would under stand, but some of the workers on the other hand... also i tend to need strength but im pretty weak for a guy anyway.

3. im worried about my sexual performance as i have a gf thouh shes suportive.

Phone Sex said...

When your body starts to be re shaped and your curves are being put in the proper places, then your breast development is really noticeable to you. You can see from a side view that there is real development happening. From the top down view, you see the feminine swells and the formation process.

Piper said...

Hi, Im not new to the crossdressing world, Ive been doing it my whole life pretty much. But I want to get more serious about it. I was looking at the hormones on this particular site and they caught my interest. And than, I saw your customer comments and I want to try them out, I want the curves and the softer skin, and the lesser amount of body hair. But Im wondering does it do anything to your voice? Like maybe raise it higher a little or anything? Plus as a captured skeptic I have to ask...does this really work??!?!

Renee said...

Piper, The hormones really do work. Keep in mind that it is a process and you don't just wake up one morning and totally change. The hormones WILL change you though. I went from a linebacker look to the most feminine look with these products. The skin is softer, the muscle mass has gone away and body has been reshaped. The flat chest is now a good solid C cup and the hair is almost non existent on my overall body. Remember dear, you are changing your body that has been male for so many years, so don't be impatient and the products will work just fine for you. Enjoy your journey...Renee.

Delirium said...

I have been taking them for about 2 and a half weeks and im happy with what I see but. I'm worried that the hormones will cause me to become unable to sire a child.

Danialle told me that the hormones would not effect this but after reading around the net and seeing some questionable effect going on with my body I'm having doubts :-(

any one having any probs?

I want to be more feminine but i still want to have kids someday.

sandra said...

hi somebody knows something especial for hips and buttocks only?.... thanks my email

Marcy Tappette said...

what effect does this have on sperm count?

Anonymous said...

i wanted to see the before and after pics of renee but have not been able to find them... i am sooo interested to see them for i am a very stocky man but i feel like a girl inside and want to look the way i feel now... but i still have to be conservative... and i don't want to look like a guy in girls clothes or drag... all my best


Michelle said...

I am new to crossdressing but want a more fem shape and more, what hormone do you think I should start out with?

Renee said...

For those that want to see before and after pictures, I would be happy to email you. You can reach me at

Renee said...

For those of you that want to see before and after pictures, please email me at I will also answer serious questions as well about my journey.

bobbie said...

hello ever one i start today on my journey to be come more feminine with the hormens diane said i need to take i like it because she answer my question on my journey i am married an my wife supports me in this to be come more female wish me luck on my journey an would like any info are hints from otheres on this journey

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone.

I have been on the estro boost and booster supplement for a week and 2 days now, I have already seen changed through measurements to my body, the best of which is an increase in my bust (I am shooting for a C cup and right now, being a male, and being on the estro boost for a week, now fill (almost) a B cup)

I, like Renee, want to run before I walk, and have to keep reminding myself its a process. I was really somewhat skeptical at first, but now am sold as long as my results improve. I kind of knew I would be receptive though because before I started I have feminine mannerisms and knew that I had higher estrogen than testosterone.

I cant wait to be that girl that is inside me, and step out in full feminine fashion. I will hit a place called Divas in San Francisco where t-girls, CD's and their admirers party and dance the night away! :)

--- Denise

Anonymous said...

Hi Everybody: I was on Estrogen pills about 5 years ago, and had developed a breast size of "C" Plus. Then due to financial changes, I had to stop. My Breast building stopped, so did my milk production. I'm hoping to be able to return to my previous regimine, and build my breasts all the way to a size "D" or more, and I want the pleasure of producing mild again. I had a blast when my shirt would get wet several times a week. I've read the information about your products, and the great testimonies, and now very eager to start using your products as soon as some money starts to build up in my private "Slush" Savings account. I know all about the time issue, and now that I have taken the time all those years ago, I can assure anybody that uses these WILL get lasting results! Keep on Keeping on!

Anonymous said...

Hi. just started estroboost and. Booster plus. Today. Very. Excited. About possible. Results anyone. Transtioning. Please. Email. Thanx

phone sex website UK said...

Thank you for this information Renee

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for sharing renee. i have uestion though, i want to grow size c brests and say i reach that goal. am i able to just stop taking the pills? and same question for the other hormones. hope to hear from you soon =)

Anonymous said...

just recently purchased hormone pills from crossdressers the estro boost,booster plus and breast booster and also the breast cream i have been taking this for only a couple of weeks and i have noticed my skin is softer i have to shave like every other day and breast breasts are starting to develope just wanted to say thank you and i will keep you posted on my transition

Anonymous said...

I'm struggling about the question if I really want to use the hormones. Since I do want to be more femine I think I will use them. However I still want to see some pictures of those who used the suddenly fem hormones.
So if someone wants to send before and after picuters I would be very happy.
Very much thanks in advance, you can send the pictures to

Kind regards

Jamie said...

Hello I am a MtF Transsexual. I have been on a perscribed hormone replacement therapy for seven full months now. I am currently taking 1 ml delestrogen(estradiol valerate) intramuscular injectable every 2 weeks, 200 mg spironolactone daily and 5 mg medroxyprogesterone daily. Alot of the info here is just plain wrong. I was taking hormones off the web like the ones stated here for about 6 months before I got on perscribed regimen. The progress you get off hormones off the web will be slow and not nearly what it would be if you were on a perscribed regimen. First off estrogen by itself will not give you the results some people are saying they got. You will need a antigen(testosterone blocker) thats what the spironolactone is. As far as the person wondering if they will be able to have children taking these hormones. You maybe able to but i would not count on it. I know with what I am doing after about a year I will become permantenly sterile. Breast development starts after about 3 months, mine started after two months on the perscribed regimen , which i credit to me being on the estrogen i got off the web before I started my perscribed regimen. I think it primed my system. Transgendered females rarely go past a B cup size. After 7 full months on my therapy I am a about a size A. I am hoping for a size B cup size after 2 years. The person who said that after a week and 2 days on estro boost and booster supplement that you were almost a size B. You are a flat out liar. I could not imagine that much breast growth in so little time. At the rate my breast are growing there is alot aching. At this point in my development with my breast I would rather be kicked square in the nuts that be smacked in the breast area. It would hurt a lot less to be kicked in the nuts than have my boobs smacked. At about six months on hormone replacement therapy your brain chemistry changes to that of a female. I have just gone through that and it was a very confusing and scary time for me. That lasted for about a month. Everything changes and I do mean everything. I am still getting used to that. Thank god for my therapist she really helped me through a very difficult time. At about 1 year on the hormones your brain chemistry will be permanetly changed to that of a female. There have been other changes loss of muscle mass(i have lost atleast 50% of my strength), softer skin , slower hair growth and I am more emotional than before. I am noticing some redistrubtion of body fat and my skin is starting to sag and get loose due to loss of muscle mass. That is going to take about a year for it to tighten up. There are many more changes coming my way still. The only thing I have to say is do not enter hormone replacement therapy thinking its going to be easy. There are powerful changes that are going to take place mentally, emotionally and physically. Go into this informed and with you eyes wide open and get yourself a good therapist. The suicide rate for pre op transgendered women is 31%. And I have not even mentioned the health risks which are strokes , embolisms and death. On a final note. Since I have started this I have never been happier. I like myself now , I no longer hate myself and I dont wake up every morning wishing that I was dead. I am actually beginning to love the person I am becoming. The reward of doing this definitely outweighs the risk. This has given me my life back. Just do not go into this blindly go into this informed. Your life may just depend on it. To all who decide to do this I wish a wonderful journey and may god watch over you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jamie that's was very informative

Anonymous said...

I'm intrigued with the idea of taking supplements, and the question I'm about to ask will make some of the girls here gasp because it will seem contrary to what everyone is trying to achieve. But it here goes anyway... :)

I definitely would like a more feminine shape. I'm a fireplug. Someone said they used to look like a linebacker, well that is me, too. I want some change, but not too much change. I need a little help moving in the right direction - reducing my tummy and reshaping my hips. Finer body and facial hair is certainly a plus. I need help but not so much so that I can't pass as a man. I'm not ready to have to wear a bikini to the pool or a bra under my dress shirt because of my chest. Maybe someday, but I'm just not there yet.

I am okay with slow, gradual changes to my body. Can I get by body to a point where I am happy and then change the dosage to maintain it with what I have achieved?


RODNESS9955 said...

I want to know what is the point of no return when taking these. I have just read some of the comments. And I am still kind of skeptical and scared. I want to go all they way to being a woman, but if I chicken out and decide I don't want to continue, I want to know when is the cut off and things will return to normal, if I change my mind.
Thank you


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Anonymous said...

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loren Jett said...

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Anonymous said...

Please I started using breast booster now for a month and really see results I still want to see before and after pictures

Jamie Moorhead said...

I think this is just promotional. I agree with many other people, where are the photos?? don't believe what you read believe what you see.

hekkar said...

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sandy said...

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Anonymous said...

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Lisa Hayes said...

If your a female and u want that curvy look can u still take the female supplements???

celeste hodson said...

I have read most of these comments and am deciding on purchasing some of these female supplements. I have tried taking the natural hormones that you can purchase off the internet but I found out that I would experience bad head pain and my stomach would feel queasy most of the time so I stopped taking the Climara and the spiractin. My question is would I have built up enough estrogen in my system to have these female supplements have the effects I am looking for if I just take the spiractin to keep blocking my male hormones? If anyone can help me with this please reply at Thanks Kate Hodson

Anonymous said...

Been taking supplements for over a year now. Now on a regime of Estro Boost and Breast Booster, as well as the Breast Boost cream. Definitely noticing changes in my body. Curvier hips, breast growth, loss of muscle mass in areas like my shoulders, less hair growth.... My male clothing does not fit the same. For example, male pants don't stay up the same, since my hips are curvier.... and waist is smaller.

Looking forward to further changes


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Anonymous said...

Renee thank you so much for all the info on suddenly FEMS product line. I have been searching for quite awhile now on what to take to start my journey. My name is Jennifer. If you don't mind could you send your before and after pictures to me so I can Invision what changes I can look forward too once I place my first order which will be next week.

wayne shear said...

can anybody tell me if these pills will mess with a drug screen for sure cause I really want to get on my way to being femine

Anonymous said...

Vanessa said I am a t-girl I have been taking natural phytoestrogen for almost three years and my skin is very soft , tight nipples with little bumps on the areola's never had that like it full A-cup minimal body hair growth I justed start taking Eco-boost from Suddenly-Fem for the last 30 days so with the phytoestrogen and natural female hormone supplement my mind is thinking more feminine i have a more feminine mindset , also i do not think of my penis more like a vagina girl orgasms are great when you tuck between your leg and lube up Wonderful also during the day I take a 1 inch silk ribbon loop it gently around my small penis pull the ribbon up between my smooth silky buttocks and tie a pretty bow around my waist i look like i have a vagina from the front and the feeling of the ribbon when I sit down tugs on my penis/vagina creates a nice sensation also i can go on an outing with a dress on and no panties Love being a t-girl


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