Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wearing White before Memorial Day. Is it OK? By Chrissy Winters

What in the world were you doing wearing white before Memorial Day? Just kidding! So we all have heard in some form or fashion you only are to wear white between Memorial Day and Labor Day but who made up that rule? Is it really being followed today? Societal standards for colors of clothing by season have been relaxed since the 1960s and only those interested in following the old fashion rules are not wearing white before Memorial Day and after Labor Day. After all fashion was never meant to be so uptight!  Transgendered fashion and clothing has been setting trends and breaking rules for years.

Well in “The Good Old Days” white was worn primarily during the summer because it was cool. It was also a matter of fabrics summer clothes where made out of linen and silk, which can be white. Winter clothing had to be heavier fabrics that tended to be in darker tones. The question really is who isn’t wearing white?
The Memorial Day and Labor Day holidays are just convenient markers for the summer fashion season. Wearing white before Memorial Day can be done…if done correctly. Just play up your accessories like a bold piece of jewelry or a great pair of shoes. For a flirty look try a white top or for a super hot weekend look a super sexy white dress!

I just love Suddenly Fem’s White Sequin Pin up top. Looks great with a denim skirt! My other white favorite is their White Uptown dress!

Wear whatever color, whenever and how ever you want! There are always trends, conventions and traditions to follow but it's always good to make your own statements and wear things you're comfortable with.

Enjoy this warm spring weather and know it is okay to wear white before Memorial Day!


Female Shemale said...

I like that blond.. can we see more?!

Chrissy Winters said...

She is a model for Suddenlyfem and you can see more of her at their stie www.CrossDresser.com

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I like her attitude because impressive thing.

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