Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Shop till you walking involved by Chrissy Winters!

It can be super hard to find certain items that are truly designed for the cross-dressing male. Talk about shopping till you drop. Looking for slimmer in the hips, longer arms, wider shoulders, longer torso and correctly placed waistlines at your local mall is just not going to happen! Let's face it sometimes it’s truly impossible to find something simple you are looking for like a cell phone service that doesn’t drop the signal. Wouldn't that be nice!

There are some items that cross dressers wants that can’t easily be picked up in local department stores. Others are easy to find, but since they’re available in the women’s section of shops, they’re sized to fit women. While some cross dressing men are slender and small-boned, others have a bulkier body and can’t fit in female-sized garments. Stores that specialize in cross dressing apparel typically carry the following items:

Body foundations: These can also be girdles or girdle-like lingerie. They’re important for molding and smoothing the male figure into a more feminine one. Padded panties can create curves as well as minimize parts of the male anatomy that can take away from the womanly experience.

Gaff: This is an item you won’t find in a regular women’s lingerie department, but cross dressers often find it essential to fully realize the transformation from man into woman. You can wear a gaff under panties or alone. Either way it provides a hideaway for a man’s private area, essentially providing a smooth frontal appearance when wearing a form-fitting dress.

Breast forms: Men can now shop online and select from a wide variety of realistic looking enhancements to place into bras. The forms fill out the bras nicely for men who aren’t undergoing hormone treatment and aren’t actively trying to develop breasts.

Pantyhose: Fishnets, thigh high stockings and more can be found for the discriminating cross dresser who wants nylons that not only fit, but also look incredible. Also you need to keep in mind that often the crossdresser needs are different than an woman!

Wigs: You can transform yourself into a beautiful blonde one day and be a sophisticated brunette the next. Female impersonators often have a rotation of wigs because they portray several different characters.

Dresses: Cross dress suppliers stock dresses that fit men’s shapes and the dresses range from flirty and casual to super sexy and a must have item!

Shoes: Men can also buy feminine shoes that will fit their larger feet from cross dress retailers. Pumps, boots, stilettos, sandals and even cute ballet-type flats are often available in sizes up to 17.

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