Wednesday, March 17, 2010


What is it that turns you on? Everyone has something. Something special. If you’re a cd, I’m betting that there’s something in the feminization process that really gets your motor running. Maybe it’s applying makeup or slipping into your crossdresser clothes. Or maybe something more specific. Like glossy lip stick or big long lashes. Maybe it’s that moment when you strap on your heels. Or lace up your corset. Maybe it’s the moment you tuck yourself into your gaff. Perhaps it’s the feel of a certain material against your skin. Satin? Leather? Latex? Lace? Maybe it’s your favorite pair of panties. Or your silkiest panty hose.

For me, there’s one step that really puts me over the edge. (And puts all these other steps to shame.) For me, there’s one step that makes me think to myself, “Yes! Now I’m there. Now I’m in girlie mode.” And there’s no other feeling quite like it.

My moment is when I do my full body shave. I’ve been doing it for about a year now. (After several years of steady progression.) Now I’m smooth 100% of the time. I shave about once a week – more if I’m going out or doing something special. And every time I finish shaving I have the same reaction. I run my hands over my naked body. I feel the softness of my skin. And I am immediately transported. Like I said above, that is the moment when I cross over into girlie mode.

Also, for me, that moment is a bit of an accomplishment. Like most beginning dressers, I was hesitant to start shaving my body. I was afraid people would notice. I was concerned about what my vanilla friends and co-workers might think. But at the same time, I was trying very hard to look and feel more like the women and tgirls I admired. And none of them had body hair. So I started doing it in steps.

I started with my chest. This was pretty easy. Because in today’s world, lots of men shave or wax their chests. In fact, when I go to the beach in LA, it’s pretty rare to see a healthy looking, fit, toned man who doesn’t shave his chest. As more guys have started hitting the gym, they’ve all started shaving – all the better to show off those defined muscles and rock hard abs! I have neither muscles nor six pack abs, but seeing lots of other men with shaved, smooth chests gave me the confidence I needed to give it a try.

Not long after that I started shaving my legs regularly. Now, shaving your legs is just plain sexy. At least it is to me. I stretch out in the tub, and all those images of long legged girls from old Lady Schick tv commercials come rushing back to me. It’s a very erotic image. But again, I was worried that people would notice. So even though I loved the feeling, I would usually only shave in the winter. I didn’t want to bare my legs during the summer shorts season. I didn’t want to invite stares or embarrassing questions. That lasted a few years. But gradually, I became a little more courageous. I started wearing shorts in the summer again – even with my shaved legs. And, if anyone noticed, they didn’t say anything. It’s been several years, and no one’s ever pointed it out to me.

The next areas I tackled in my smoothie progression were my more private areas… my pubic region in the front and my ass in the back. These are very delicate areas to shave (obviously), but socially, they were pretty easy to face. I don’t know about you, but not that many people see these areas, so I didn’t feel I was exposing myself by shaving. I’m not going to describe for you the odd positions I get into to shave my “hard to reach” spots, but suffice to say that it’s a pretty awkward process. If shaving my legs is a sexual, sensual experience, then shaving my ass is low brow comedy. Actually it’s a lot like sex! It’s best to be gentle, to try different positions, and to keep checking yourself in a mirror. ;)

Along the way in this process, I also began shaving my back and shoulders and underarms. I don’t have a lot of back hair, but sheesh(!), when you start shaving, it suddenly feels like a whole lot more. What a pain! (And with the inevitable shaving irritation, when I say, “What a pain,” I really mean it. But a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.) BTW… if you find any of these areas absolutely unreachable, then get a friend to help! I’m serious. Just make sure it’s a really good friend.

The last part of my smooth-ification process was the most difficult for me. It involves a body part that I knew I couldn’t hide on a regular basis: my lower arms. For years, I shaved my upper arms and then wore long gloves when I went out in public or posed for photos. But I got tired of the gloves. And I was really tired of having drinks slip out of my hands! (Drinks in LA are pretty darn expensive!) I also wanted to wear nails – another one of those key feminization steps! But I knew that if I shaved my forearms that someone would notice. And someone did. A friend at work saw my smooth arms and asked me immediately. “What’s going on?”

I stammered a bit. I had my answer well prepared and ready, but I still stammered. Here’s what I said. I looked him in the eye and said, “Yes. I like it better this way.” Amazingly, that’s all it took. He never asked again. What does he think of my arms? Of my shaving? What does he think of me now? I don’t know. But I’ve never felt any repercussions. Apparently he accepts me as I am – my eccentricities included. Does he now think I’m a tranny because I shave my arms? I doubt it, that’s quite a leap. But I suppose it’s a possibility. All I know is that I was proud of myself for answering directly and honestly. And I still am! I’m usually not this brave. Or honest. So I have to give myself props when I am.

When asked about body shaving, I have tgirl friends who like to say, “My wife (or girlfriend) prefers me like this.” To me, that’s a great answer because what guy wouldn’t respect another man for trying to please his wife? Or for trying to appear more sexually attractive to her? In a way, it’s the perfect answer.

So that, in a nutshell, is my smoothness progression. From chest to legs to privates to forearms. I’ve also tried some hair removal products (without much success) and full body waxing (very successful, but quite painful and expensive). So there’s no easy answer for the tgirl who wants to present as smooth as a “real” girl. But I’ve found that all the work and effort really pays off. When I step out of the tub in my newly shaved body, I feel like I’ve arrived. Like I’m taking another step in my journey to become more femme and sexy. And the touch of smooth, ladylike skin? That’s pure heaven – even if you’re just touching yourself. ;)

By the way, I know several girls who have started or completed laser hair removal processes. These processes are becoming more and more popular among men and women of all kinds (gay, straight, young, old). It’s too expensive for me, but maybe I’ll interview a few girls who have gone through the laser process to see how successful it was and how expensive it was. I also know that the use of hormones for men can restrict or halt body hair growth.

All I know is that I hear radio commercials for professional hair removal several times a day. So it seems like that business is really growing. And that’s a good sign for girls like us. The more common hairless male bodies become, the less conspicuous girls like us will feel. So there’s never been a better time to get smooth.

What do you think?

Take care out there!
Be safe. Be smart. Be sexy!


Anonymous said...

If I had to pinpoint one thing, it is when I slip into my wig...! Now that sends me over the wall...all of the other things definitely build up to it...

satchel said...

Nice blog post by the way! I too shave/wax/depilatorize different parts of my body. I'm a pretty hairy gurl. Shaving my legs is always wonderful (and pubes), but the big problem with shaving is it stimulates hair growth. You also have to do it too often. I would encourage the gurls out there to do some waxing too. It is expensive, but lasts way longer, and over time it thins your hair and makes it very fine (much like a real girl's!). I tend to wax my chest, belly, and back. Nair is great (and quick) for my arms.
Now, for my big turn on: slipping into my fav panties.

CiCi said...

Hi Satchel,
Thanks for the comment. Yes, i've done waxing, and i love it. just wish i could afford it more often. and isn't it true that you don't realize just how hairy you are until you start trying to remove it all! Thanks for the comment, babe!

To Anonymous,
omg... don't get me started on wigs! that'll be a topic for another day.


satchel said...

CiCi, in my case, I knew I was hairy WAY before I started!!! lol

Anonymous said...

I have been shaving my legs for about 10 years and I do not know about anybody else,but I have less hair now that grows on my legs than ever,I love it.If I could only get my face to do the same I would be a very happy gurl!!!

Anonymous said...

I have had the good fortune of being somewhat pale complexioned and with darkish hair and enough money (several thousand dollars! and that's not "LOL" change) to have almost my entire body lasered. If you like the feeling of smooth skin after shaving....imagine smooth skin WITHOUT shaving ever! It is fantastic.... Just that way I always viewed my body to be like.

Anonymous said...

I like to pluck my pubic hair. I've been plucking for over ten years. I pluck the groin and scrotum. No hair feels so comfortable in the warm weather too. It is an all around turn on for me.

cherry said...

I am lucky my chest is hairless on its on work to keep legs and balls shaved l shave at lest ever 3davs l was told rea men have hair on there chest and nuts so I try to be a girl and love it

cherry said...

My wife shaved me fist then I wouldn't have thought i would keep my legs shaved all the time for 7 years and I hate the way hair feels she may have start ed it but I wanted to as easy as I became a cross dresser pants are not for me give me a dress anyday