Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New Blog From CiCi Kitten "A Sly and the Family Stone Thanksgiving" Presented By The Crossdressing Superstore!

A Sly and the Family Stone Thanksgiving

When I was young, Thanksgiving wasn’t really a big deal to me. Sure, it was nice to hang out with relatives, eat a big meal, and watch some football. But compared to Christmas? Halloween? Thanksgiving just didn’t rate. It was usually fun, and it did mean a four-day weekend from school. But as a kid, I don’t think I ever really got into the true spirit of the holiday. The thankfulness part.

Then as I got older, I went through some pretty serious shit. Some health problems. And a lot people helped me out. Suddenly I had some people I really wanted to thank. I actually bought Thanksgiving Day greeting cards that year. (Up until then, I don’t think I even knew that they made Thanksgiving Day greeting cards.)

Now – thankfully -- that’s all behind me. The health problems are over. And my tgirl life has taken center stage in my emotional life. But once again, I find myself with a lot of people to thank. Don’t worry, I’m not going to list them all here. But suffice to say there are a lot people out there (those i’ve met and those online that I haven’t ) who have inspired me, counseled me, supported me, and in general, shared with me regarding our lives as crossdressers (and all the drama and trauma that goes with that)!

I’m sure you could make a similar list. Thanks (there’s that word again) to the active, vibrant online tg/cd community, girls like us no longer have to feel like we’re alone any more. And if we have questions – about anything from style to Crossdressing Wigs to make-up to feminization to going out to sex and dating – we have others to ask. Or to discuss things with. And I’m really thankful for that.

Some day, I’m going to write a complete blog about my wife. The affect that she’s had on me and my t-life is impossible to measure. Without her support, her openness, and her love, I honestly don’t know where I’d be. But I do know that I’d be a lot less happy.

I also know that not all of you have a significant other as involved and as supportive as mine. No one has to tell me how lucky I am in that area. Believe me, I know. (And I’m trying really hard not to screw it up!) But there is some one in your life that you really need to thank. Someone very special. No matter who you are. Or how far you’ve come in your journey.

You need to thank yourself.

Because you’re the one who’s doing this. Let’s face it. In your life, there’s just you. How cool if you’ve got wonderfully supportive friends and family or co-workers and employers. But when you get down to it, the important things are up to you. You’re the one who makes things happen. Especially in t-world.
Others may inspire you. But what you do with that inspiration is up to you. Others may counsel you. But it’s up to you to take their good advice and act on it. Others may support you and believe in you, but in the end, your happiness and satisfaction really comes down to your ability to believe in yourself.

Here in Southern California, we have some pretty good classic rock stations. And lately, it seems a certain Sly and the Family Stone song has been playing in pretty heavy rotation. Even if you’re not familiar with Sly (or his family), you probably know the song. It goes like this: “I want to thank you for letting me be myself again.”

And that got me to thinking. Who do I want to thank this year? Who should I thank? And I love the fact that he says, “Again,” at the end. As if we were all “ourselves” at some time in the past and now we’re getting back to that. Getting back to what’s true and what real. Getting back to something we knew instinctively as a child. And then spend the next years, trying to convince ourselves that we didn’t feel it. That we never felt it.

But now we’re back on track. Because, perhaps for the first time ever, I really am living life closer to the person I truly want to be. So I want to thank all of the people out there who are “letting me be myself.” But the more I thought about it, the more I became convinced. The person most responsible for letting me be myself… is me.

And that’s not because I’m some great person or someone who is emotionally evolved or anything. (Believe me, I’m not.) It ‘s just that no one else can allow me to be or do anything in life. No one else can give me permission. No one else can give me the strength. All of this is up to me. The successes. The failures. The ambitions. The procrastination. The boldness. The cowardice. It’s all up to me. And, in your life, it’s all up to you.

Which is cool. Because that means it’s in pretty good hands.

So this Thanksgiving, take a little break from the feasting and the festivities. Be sure to thank your friends and family for all they do for you. Thank the higher power of your choice for this gift called life. Thank your tgirl sisters for their camaraderie. But save the biggest thanks for yourself. Because you’re doing it, girlfriend! And no matter how much support you have, any tgirl will tell you that this ain’t easy. It takes courage, inner strength, vision, and perhaps most importantly, the ability to attach false eyelashes without the help of your reading glasses! (Hey, that’s hard!)

So to all my friends and family out there. But especially to me. Thank you for letting me be myself. Again!

Take care out there.
Be smart. Be safe. Be sexy!


Seleena K said...

Another wonderful blog entry Cici.

It definitiely is time to thank every one who helped and inspired us .. you fall into that category for me. But you're so correct. It really is time to step back, look at what we've each been able to accomplish, no matter how big or how small, by using that help and inspiration, and give ourselves a pat of the back.

Thank you CiCi! Thank you me! And Happy Thanksgiving to my friends in the USA.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, sweetie, for being you
Your a perpetual source of inspiration to me


CiCi said...

Seleena and Nikki,
Thanks so much for you comments and thoughtfulness. I am so happy and proud to be part of community that seems to center around mutual respect and inspiration. pretty cool place to be!