Wednesday, July 8, 2009, The Crossdressing Superstore Presents: EXCITEMENT!! ~By Claire Devaroux

Hi all!! Claire here with another installment with "A Day in the Life of Claire Devaroux". I am going to talk a bit about the great times I have had being who I want to be in the daily routine of Claire.

I am a drummer in a T~Gurl cover band called Trans~Sonic. We are all new to the band and having been playing together for most of this year 09'. We all met through a local TG group here in beautiful Seattle Washington. The range of experience from playing in bands to playing live between the 4 of us through our lifetimes is all very different but the bond we have of being Transgendered is amazing! This here in itself is a great example of why you/we need to be involved (if available) in your local groups. You never know who you will meet and how much it can change your life....for the better! If you would have asked me a few years ago: "do you think you would be playing in a TG band in a couple of years?" I would not have believed it but I would have dreamed of it! So, dreams do come true and thoughts such as these are what lead me to believe that I will be going all the way!

The band now is really starting to do something now. We just recently played at a TG/TS/CD event that happens (somewhat local) in Port Angeles Washington known as Esprit! This gathering of T~Gurls in this small coastal town is an amazing event that I experienced for the first time. Esprit last for a whole week from Sunday to Sunday and happens every year! I believe this was the 20th year (or real close). T~Gurls Come from all around and the town is so welcoming of all of us. The lead guitarist (D) and I went up on Friday and stayed the night. The bassist (K) and rhythm (P) were there all week. We played on Friday night at the Talent show. We were the last performance before the closing ceremony. This made for a very long 2 hours as we waited and watched all the other acts. No other bands though! This was going to be our first gig together and of course dressed as the gurls we love to be! So, the time comes for us to head back stage and get ready. Now all the thrill of playing wrapped up with being Claire is really taking over now!!!! We are introduced and here we go....the crowd of roughly 200 is mixed of T~Gurls and locals who come to see the show. We were told that we could only play 3 songs and at the time we thought that would be fine but......we started playing and the place came un-glued. People were rushing and I mean rushing to get out to the dance floor and cut a rug. The fans were yelling, cheering, clapping, singing and dancing with the was such a RUSH!!! I have had a little bit of experience playing live over the last 18 years but nothing like this! It was amazing. I would look up at times and see the place just going crazy....the people in the mezzanine level were up and dancing by their tables! We wanted to play more, the crowd called for more but we had to move on with the show.

With all this being said and just a glimpse of what is to come for Ms. Claire, I can't say enough of how important it is to be active with whom you are in your community. I understand that I am in a great community for this and there are others in the world that has this same opportunity and I understand that there are areas that don't. Do what you can and stay positive...we all have to and we do!!!!

More to come!
Loves to you all!!
Kisses Claire Devaroux


Anonymous said...

Good For you! You should send a CD in to Willow For Clips in your next Blog! Keep Up the Great Work!

Anonymous said...

That`s so awesome! I play guitar, sing and write songs as well but I`vwe never played live as `her`-that must be so incredible!
please post whatever you can, I`d love to see it!

Anonymous said...

Hi all!! This is Claire and we are going to get some music up soon!! and pics and video!!! Thanks for all the great response! We are Trans-sonic on myspace! Kisses Claire

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