Friday, May 22, 2009 Releases New Hormone Supplement to Their Exclusive Line!, the Cross Dressing Superstore, Introduces new Supplement, ZX9-Pro, to help increase sexual performance and ability for those using their estrogen boosting products.

Suddenly Fem™ has been selling the premier brand of natural estrogen boosting supplements to their crossdressing customers for the past 10 years. The Suddenly Fem™ line of products includes Breast Booster, Estro Boost, Fem Shaper and Fem Figure. These products help to create larger breast / bust size, softer skin and increase in hip measurements for their customers. Research and customer response to their products had indicated a small drop in sex drive in some of the male customers, especially those who were responding well to the all natural capsules.

Suddenly Fem™ has responded with the addition of the ZX9-Pro formulation, which helps to boost sexual performance and sexual interest. It has been formulated to be taken with their feminine enhancing products – so the customer can achieve more voluptuous curves to their body without any loss of sex drive or performance ability. It has also been tested independently of the estrogen boosting line and delivers strong increases in sex drive and sexual performance and ability – so it can be taken alone for exciting results.

ZX9-Pro Sexual performance booster can be bought at and may be distributed through other channels later this year.

About Suddenly Fem Suddenly Fem manufacturers and designs virtually all of their products especially for crossdressers, transvestites and drag queens. All products are designed to perfectly fit men who cross dress. Each product—wigs, silicone breast forms, dresses, hormone supplements, necklaces, bracelets, clip earrings and even panties—has been hand picked and designed by the Suddenly Fem staff. Renowned for excellent customer service, hard-to-beat prices, as well as quality, fashionable, feminine attire, SuddenlyFem is the one-stop online site for the crossdresser community.
For more information on Suddenly Fem(TM) ( Contact Willow Obst at 215-881-9470 or bvp5000@aol.comSOURCE Suddenly Fem


Anonymous said...

Please, Does anyone know if this stuff really works, and what does it do to a guy? and does it have any side affects?

Willow said...

Thanks for your comment! I have heard great things about this product! No side effects at all. and it works just fine with our other great supplements. ZX9-Pro helps to improve your sexual performance by keeping your desire and drive for intimacy at high levels while also helping to keep your erections stronger for longer periods of time!
Hope this information Helps!

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