Friday, May 29, 2009, The Crossdressing Superstore Presents: Shades Of Willow ~By Willow Wilson of Suddenly Fem

Hello everyone,

it’s not too often that I step away from my desk, pipe up and put my 2 cents in, but I thought it was about time! I want to thank you all for your business with Suddenly Fem™ and we always look forward to serving you!

People have been asking me questions about the elusive “Willow”, so I thought I would explain who I am and why I am here…

Yes, my name is indeed Willow. It is not a Drag Name…and No, my parents were not Hippies... Just to Clear that up!... lol

I switched careers; I was getting ready to finish my Doctorate in Optometry. I was looking forward to helping people see better in our world. Then I saw something… an ad advertising my position here at Suddenly Fem™. I knew I needed a change, do something different, upon responding to the ad, I met with the fantastic owners of this wonderful company and realized, that this is not your typical company-- most businesses only care about the bottom line—not so; here at Suddenly Fem™ they put the customers FIRST! That is SO important in this day and age. I know from a good friend of mine how difficult it is as a transgendered individual to purchase clothing and accessories in a non-judging environment, it was almost impossible for him in the beginning. Ever try to pick something nice out at the Women’s department one of the major department stores?? And then possibly ask for help? *Gasp*!

That’s where we come in…

I handle a few hundred calls a week, talking to great people such as you, everyday hard working people who appreciate fine quality and craftsmanship in their clothing.

I am asked many times, “Why do you do this?, why do you understand?, why don’t you judge “US”????

My answer is, there is no “US”— people are people, everyone needs to be treated with respect, who am I to judge anyone in this world? The way I look at it is we are all in this together and it would be a much better place if everyone tried to walk in someone’s heels for a mile or so. I am a woman, born a woman and intend to stay that way (a GG Head to toe, thank you very much! A little Silly, A little Tomboyish, and secure as me none the less!) But I have quite a few great friends who are Crossdressers, Transgender, and Transvestites. I speak with members of the community every day, and I tell you what, NO ONE has more courage than our great customers! Whether you are a casual stay at home crossdresser who loves the tactile feel of something soft, to a wonderful butterfly that came out of the male cocoon to transform in to this beautiful female, you have my vote! So you are Straight? -- Awesome! Gay?—Fabulous! Bi? -- Go on with your bad self! Who cares? You are Happy Right?

The point I am making is that you are being yourselves, and in this day and age of changing events, at the end of the day….away from the hustle and bustle of our busy lives, The only thing you have that is 100% really yours is simply you! Do what makes you happy! Get out there a little more each day! Be true to yourself!

In the beginning of my little soapbox speech here, I mentioned that you are “Customers” of Suddenly Fem™, Customer is defined as: a person who purchases goods or services from another: buyer, patron. Well, that’s true…

But I tell you what; to us you are clients, friends, and more importantly someone that truly knows what they want out of life, love and fashion. Suddenly Fem™ has truly helped me see through the eyes of a wonderful community!

I wish you all the very best and truly thank you for your business, there are a lot of choices in this world, but it means a lot to us to have you! Please send us your thoughts and comments on how we can serve you better.

Wishing You,
Luck, Love and Happiness Forever!

Willow Wilson

Best Value Customer Service
General Manager



Claire Devaroux said...

Willow is the reason I am apart of this wonderful family!! Fantastic Willow!! Thank you for sharing and its nice to know who we are talking too!! Love you sweets!~Claire Devaroux~

Anonymous said...

Good For you! Kudos!

Anonymous said...

See, someone who cares! Thank you!

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