Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Crossdresser.com: The Next Stage in the Evolution of Feminine Clothing and Lingerie! Presents...

Suddenly Fem Catches Cassandra Fever!

CrossDresser.com, the Cross Dressing Superstore, features internationally known female impersonator, model, and actress, Cassandra Fever, in several high end fashion videos!

Cassandra Fever, known around the world for her female impersonations and especially for her dead-on portrayal of Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, is now a featured model for Suddenly Fem (www.crossdresser.com) – the crossdressing superstore that designs and sells feminine clothing and accessories for men.
Cassandra has done her share of modeling over the years, but she could tell that the Suddenly Fem fashion shoot was going to be different. “When I was trying the clothes on before the shoot, I could tell that the clothes were going to fit far better than any woman's garment I could buy off the rack,” she says. “I've worn a lot of women's clothing over the years, and let me tell you... the stuff that some companies are producing isn't nearly as nice as what Suddenly Fem offers in terms of design and quality.”
In a sentiment shared by tv’s, cd’s and trannies all over the world, Cassandra admits that, “comfort is never really a luxury I can afford when I'm in full drag.” But she found her Suddenly Fem outfits to be quite comfortable and stylish “…even if you choose not to corset or do any of the pulling, tucking, squeezing, and padding that I (normally) do.”
“They're definitely designed to accentuate and compliment a man's figure in a feminine way. I also noticed the fact that the clothes are very fabric-conscious and rich in texture, which I think is nice for people who appreciate silky and velvety garments.”
The Suddenly Fem fashion video featuring Ms. Fever garnered nearly 50,000 views on YouTube in just its first month. “We shot the video at an estate in Malibu, which was enormous. Every room was just gorgeous, so we had a lot of options as far as background. Everyone on the shoot was a total professional, and that makes a big difference in terms of getting the job done and having a nice finished product.”
The video has also earned Cassandra some new fans. “I get everything from crossdressing corporate presidents, and women who indulge in forced feminization with their husbands - to transvestites who belong to pagan cults, and teenage boys that are just discovering the whole cross dressing scene who tell me that I'm their new benchmark for how they dress. I've heard from some really nice people and some truly bizarre people, but I think it's all great!”
Suddenly Fem clothes and accessories provide crossdressers, transvestites, drag queens, and transsexuals with sophisticated, glamorous, and well-made clothing options. The online superstore offers everything from lingerie to formal wear; eveningwear and party dresses to casual wear and club wear; plus mini skirts, mini dresses, micro minis, shoes, boots, hosiery, jewelry, accessories, and make-up.

As for Cassandra, she starts shooting a new horror movie called “All About Evil,” at the end of March. And she’ll soon be back in her second fashion video for Suddenly Fem (“People will want to be on the look out for that!”) Fans can keep up with all of Cassandra’s upcoming projects and appearances at www.cassandrafever.com or at myspace.com/cassandrafever. They can also view all her new Suddenly Fem Feature shoots at www.crossdresser.com or on Youtube.com.

To see more of Cassandra and her work you can check her out at her website www.Cassandrafever.com

About Suddenly Fem Suddenly Fem manufacturers and designs virtually all of their products especially for crossdressers, transvestites and drag queens. All products are designed to perfectly fit men who cross dress. Each product—wigs, silicone breast forms, dresses, hormone supplements, necklaces, bracelets, clip earrings and even panties—has been hand picked and designed by the Suddenly Fem staff. Renowned for excellent customer service, hard-to-beat prices, as well as quality, fashionable, feminine attire, SuddenlyFem is the one-stop online site for the crossdresser community.
For more information on Suddenly Fem(TM) (www.crossdresser.com) Contact Willow Obst at 215-881-9470 or bvp5000@aol.comSOURCE Suddenly Fem


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