Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Suddenly Fem’s New T-Girl Model Tiffany Amber Rhoads: Pure CD Delight!, the Cross Dressing Superstore, unveils feature model, Tiffany, along with their stylish spring collection of sophisticated, glamorous, feminine clothing designed specifically for men!

This year, when Suddenly Fem unveils its spring collection of sensual, sophisticated clothing and accessories for cross dressers, the company will also unveil their featured tv/cd model.....

Tiffany Amber Rhoads.

A striking blonde with a tight, gym-toned body, expressive eyes, and legs for days, Tiffany was a Suddenly Fem customer long before she became a model. She had already purchased four or five items from the Suddenly Fem catalog (, when one day, she noticed that the company had started using crossdressers for models. And she thought, “If she can do it, I can do it.”

At that point, Tiffany jokingly admits she became a bit of a pest. She sent the company photo after photo of herself. And they finally gave her a chance. Tyler D. of Suddenly Fem saw something very special in Tiffany. “She is a great representative for our clientele. What comes out in her pictures is her pure delight in expressing her feminine side. She does so with a lot of class, sexiness and obvious confidence.”

“Her ability to pose for photos as well if not better than her genetic female counterpart models is quite fascinating, and exciting. She is a professional when she works. Her biggest interest is to help showcase the Suddenly Fem Clothing so that it is appealing and exciting to our customers.”

Tiffany calls cd/tv modeling a dream come true. “It’s kind of like having your cake and eating it too. I mean, I’m a cd who gets to dress up and go out, and I’m lucky enough to be a part of a very supportive community. Then, on top of that, I get to model for a catalog company. The days we shoot are like Christmas morning to me.”

Tiffany particularly enjoys modeling Suddenly Fem clothes. Instead of buying and
re-selling traditional women's clothing, Suddenly Fem designs all of their clothing and accessories specifically with men in mind. The clothes are not only well-made, they’re designed to help crossdressers, transvestites, drag queens, and transsexuals show off their best features. “I’m a huge fan of the tight-fitting mini dresses,” says Tiffany. “They’re great for showing off your body and especially your legs. And the styles with the high necks and long sleeves allow a cd to be sexy but still covered up.”

In addition to the minidresses, Suddenly Fem ( offers everything from lingerie to formal wear; eveningwear and party dresses to casual wear and club wear; plus shoes, boots, hosiery, jewelry, accessories, and make-up. And it’s always interesting to see what the designers at Suddenly Fem will come up with next.

As for what’s next for Tiffany Amber Rhoads? “The stars are the limit,” she says. “I want it all!”

About Suddenly Fem

Suddenly Fem manufacturers and designs virtually all of their products especially for crossdressers, transvestites and drag queens. All products are designed to perfectly fit men who cross dress. Each product—wigs, silicone breast forms, dresses, hormone supplements, necklaces, bracelets, clip earrings and even panties—has been hand picked and designed by the Suddenly Fem staff. Renowned for excellent customer service, hard-to-beat prices, as well as quality, fashionable, feminine attire, SuddenlyFem is the one-stop online site for the crossdresser community.

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rebecca lynn said...

It makes me feel good when one of us gets to live the dream. Im a 47yr old cd. If I looked half as beautiful as Tiffany Id be in heaven!!!! SHES VERY PRETTY I WISH HER AND ALL OF YOU THE VERY BEST Rebecca Lynn

CiCi said...

rebecca lynn,
Tiffany is a good friend of mine here in LA, and i can tell you that she is just as beautiful inside as out! she's just a very sweet girl who really celebrates her girlie side in everything she does! and i hope that in your own way, you're living your dreams too, rebecca lynn!