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Interview with Nicole Tristan, "Fetish Glam Kitten Next Door"

"I have always tried to keep it classy and fashion orientated... even though some of it is as sexy as hell!"
-Nicole Tristan
In just a few short years on the international scene, Australian T-Girl Nicci Tristan has become an icon in both the transgender and latex fetish communities. Personally, I've always admired Nicci because she's such a perfectionist when it comes to style and feminization. But I also love what she's done with her website ( Most pin-up girls post sexy pix. And Nicci is no exception. But Nicci also dedicates a whole section of her site to beauty, fashion and feminization tips for other Trans Girls. (And I've pretty much downloaded every page of that!)

Nicci kindly agreed to an interview with Suddenly Fem and I caught up with her during one of her many webcam shows. We chatted about her early days as a Trans Girl, her first brush with latex, and a new body shaping system that she's working on. As always, she looked classy, stylish, and oh so sexy. She was in a brand new hot pink mini that she called an "e-bay bargain," along with some really killer matching hot pink heels.

Nicole Tristan: Putting the kettle on... back soon!
Nicci scurries off cam for a few moments...

Nicole Tristan: Ok fire away...

CiCi: So let's start at the beginning... what was Nicci like as a little boy?
Nicole Tristan: A normal little boy... did boy things mainly. Always loved to watch Batman... especially so when Catwoman was in the episode!! Used to love watching her!

CiCi: Did you have a fave Catwoman? Julie Newmar? Eartha Kitt?
Nicole Tristan: The one that was in the movie. God in that movie, she is so hot! The movie sux but who cares! lol. (NOTE: It was Lee Meriwether.)

CiCi: And I have to say, of all the Catwoman I've seen, you've got the look down... from the skintight latex to the low-slung belts! Purrrrfect (as Catwoman would say). So which came first for you... the latex or the girlie side?
Nicole Tristan: The girlie side by a long way. I discovered the wonders of latex by accident!

CiCi: Did you start going out right away... or were you a closet girl for a while?
Nicole Tristan: Closet girl for a long time!

CiCi: I've seen early pix of you. You were adorable right from the start. What were your first "out" experiences like?
Nicole Tristan: Well I just met up with other girls. Not really going out but it was fun & we chatted & did piccies, etc.

CiCi: And then how did you "accidentally" slip into latex?
Nicole Tristan: Well I was out shopping one day desperately looking for a tight leather pencil skirt. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your view!) I couldn't find one. On my way home I stopped in to check out the big new adult super store... as you do... lol... and found a cheap molded Sharon Sloane pencil skirt. I picked it up (nearly put it down again) and ended up buying it. I had already planned a dressing session that evening so I decided to use my new purchase. And from the moment I slipped it on (well actually huffed & puffed it on lol) and polished it up, it was love at first sight! Kind of snowballed from there. Funny thing was at the time I didn't even really know such a big fetish scene even existed!
Nicole Tristan: 'Scuse my typos...nails! lol
(NOTE: At this point, Nicci holds her hand up to the camera to show off her long sharp, bright red nails. I imagine admirers and nail fetishists all over the world gasping at the sight. No worries, Nic, we cleaned up the typos.)

CiCi: Giggle... Well you're a big part of that fetish scene now! So how long after the skirt did you buy your first catsuit?
Nicole Tristan: Ages actually. Probably 2 years. Sort of stuck to just the one item at first, then eventually bought some stockings. At the time, I didn't know hand-made stuff existed & was still buying the cheap molded stuff. It's really crap & had plenty of tears to begin with. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of people are turned off of latex by their early adventures in molded items! Once I discovered a hand-made provider, well then the penny dropped!

CiCi: I know how much you love being in latex... but what was the reaction like? Did you immediately sense a difference in the way people responded to you?
Nicole Tristan: It was positive... really I have always tried to keep it classy and fashion orientated... even though some of it is as sexy as hell! I think that helps to sway the non-fetish people around.

CiCi: If that was your goal (classy and fashionable), then you've definitely succeeded... and it's made you famous! Tell me about that. You have your own website, your own Yahoo group, your own Lustomic comic book(!), numerous magazine stories and YouTube videos. Let's face it, you're now known around the world. You obviously wanted to go big (that's why you started your website, after all.) But what does it feel like?
Nicole Tristan: Well I didn't set off to be big or anything. I guess I just pursued things & if they were successful then I took another step & another! I'm proud of the website as I do the whole lot myself & I have really tried to make it more than just pics. I wanted to present myself in a variety of ways and share a lot about me in the process. I wanted Trans Girls to like it just as much as the admirers! As to what does it feel like, cool... though I can't really get my head around it. Everyone says I'm famous, but the online fame is a strange one. You're fairly disconnected from it.

CiCi: But, I think the key here... is that your fans and admirers feel a connection. And yes! I luv your website. You're so generous with your T-Girl tips. You give such great advice on dressing, makeup and style. Do you ever think twice about giving away all your beauty secrets? Isn't that like a magician giving up the secrets behind his tricks?
Nicole Tristan: No, I think it's cool to be able to give a few insights into the way I do things. Even with all those tips, it will still take some dedication on the part of the Trans Girls to put it all together! And if they do then fab! Love to see the result!

CiCi: Well all that dedication has really paid off for you. There you were, all those years ago, a child watching Catwoman and fantasizing a bit. And now, years later, you've accomplished so much. So what's been the biggest thrill for you so far? Have you had one of those, "I can't believe this is actually happening to me" moments?
Nicole Tristan: Yes, when my pictures were published in Marquis magazine! Being their first ever Trans Girl to feature really blew me away! And now writing the column I really enjoy!

CiCi: I remember that. I was so surprised that they had never featured a T-Girl before. Of course, I was not surprised that they made an exception for you. So, if you don't mind a more personal question, how is your boy life these days? All of our readers struggle with the balance between their two lives. So how's your balance these days?
Nicole Tristan: It has its ups & downs of course, though I worked out a while ago that I'm an "in the middle girl" and won't ever become fulltime. I think some of the magic is that I'm 100% CD/TV. Other than shaved legs and some thinned brows, I'm all boy. Though I do watch my weight carefully! I love the "one extreme to the other" change! From T-shirt & jeans with a couple of days growth on my face, to a fetish glam kitten! Way cool...

CiCi: Way cool indeed! Now does anyone from your boy life know about Nicci?
Nicole Tristan: Only a very select few!

CiCi: Thanks so much for this, Nicci. Just a few more questions...
Nicole Tristan: No probs. I'm enjoying it!

CiCi: Cool, then I have 100 more questions!!
Nicole Tristan: lol

CiCi: So what's next for Nicci Tristan? Any big plans for '08?
Nicole Tristan: Well not really, working on some new stuff for the website, perhaps develop the video side a little more. Would love to go to an overseas event... will have to wait and see, I guess! But I'm also working on a body shaping system based on what I do now, so that will be interesting. The key will be that it will be smooth enough to wear under tight clothes... a definite gap in the market!

CiCi: Can you tell me anything more about the body shaping system? Or is that still being developed?
Nicole Tristan: Still being developed, so I can't really say much at this stage, although if it works out it should be fab! I'm trying to reproduce how I do my shaping except in a marketable manner... I'll keep you posted!

CiCi: You do a great job of that... taking what you do personally and then making it "marketable" or "accessible" to the masses.
Nicole Tristan: Thank you!

CiCi: Of course, we'd love it if you'd come back to the States. You mentioned overseas travel. What's your favorite place you've been to as Nicci?
Nicole Tristan: To date, the Montreal Fetish Weekend. That was fun!

CiCi: So one last question for you. Hey T-Girl... what does your "T" stand for?
Nicole Tristan: Mmmm, let me think!
She pauses to think for a moment. Then, on the webcam, I can see a mischievous look in her eyes.
Nicole Tristan: Tricky.

CiCi: lol I love it!
Nicole Tristan: Rhymes as well, so that's a bonus!

CiCi: Giggle... well, Tricky Nicci, thanks so much for taking the time to chat with me today. You have so many fans around the world who not only admire you... but are inspired by your sexy, classy, ultra femme style! Thanks, doll!
Nicole Tristan: Any time! And thanks for the interview! I'm looking forward to seeing the final article!

You can see Nicole Tristan in all her latex glory at And look for her column in the rubber fetishist magazine, "Marquis-The Fetish Fantasy Magazine" (

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