Monday, December 10, 2007

Dazzle Me

Or better yet, dazzle yourself! Come on, girls. We all know how hard this is. Looking femme. Looking good. (Looking good and femme.) But no matter where we are in our tranny transformation - from newbies, to closet queens, to professional showgirls - we all want to look our best. We all want to turn a few heads. Even if all you're ever going to do is show a few pix on the internet, admit it, you still want to look a few clicks beyond fab.

And that's where the professional makeover comes in. I don't care where you live. I don't care how broke you are. I want you to get on the phone and make an appointment right now! It's an experience that will literally change your life. Because, unless you happen to be a professional make-up artist, there's so much to learn! The tips. The techniques. The new cosmetic products you didn't even know existed.

I know it's hard if you're closeted. I know it's hard to meet a total stranger and reveal your most closely guarded secret. But I've never had a bad experience with a professional makeup person or a photographer. I've never been treated with anything less than the utmost respect. And what a day you'll have!

You'll feel like a queen. (I know. I know. We're all queens! But with a makeover, for one day, you'll actually be treated like one!) You'll be doted on, pampered, and generally made to feel special. You'll get to try on a variety of clothes and wigs and shoes. (Yum. Shoes.) And you'll leave your session with a set of killer pix.

It usually all starts with a phone call. And for lots of girls this is no small thing. To pick up the phone and actually set an appointment. Because as soon as you make that call, it's official. You're a crossdresser. You're not just playing around any more, you're serious enough about your dressing to want to look your best. And you're serious enough to now present yourself to the world this way. (Okay, not to the world exactly. You're going to present yourself to just one make-up artist. But let me tell you, it will feel like you're telling the whole world.) So don't be surprised if you have to pick up the phone a few times before you get up the nerve. Or hang up on a few answering machine messages before you actually succeed in setting the appointment. It's all part of the process.

When you do get the girl on the line (they're almost always girls - or other T-Girls), you'll be immediately surprised how relaxed and nonchalant she is about your dressing. After all, this is a big step for you. But it's just another day at the office for her. If she's good, and most of them are, she'll put you at ease right away and she'll let you know what to expect during your makeover session and photo shoot.

Some dressers like to bring photos of actresses or models they'd like to look like. Some bring photos of other T-Girls they admire. For me, I wouldn't bring a thing. You already know how you want to look. But for this day, let the expert take the lead. Let her look you over, study your face, and try to achieve the look that's right for you. Chances are you'll look nothing like what you originally envisioned. But you'll still look amazing.

Once she's gotten the look down, it's time to pose. And let me tell you, it's not easy. When I started dressing I took all my own pix. I'd set up the camera, hit the automatic shutter, and then run like hell to get in position and pose. The whole process was downright comical. Fortunately there was never anyone else in the room. And no one ever saw the worst pix.

But posing for someone else is a whole different story. Even if she's made you feel comfortable by this point, you're going to feel a whole other level of awkwardness when it's time to pose. Because it's a totally unnatural act. You'll put your hands here, your legs there, your butt over there. "Now try to look sexy!"

It's uncomfortable. It's awkward. It's nerve wracking. And you'll be so sorry when it's over. You'll never want it to end.

So go for the makeover. Go for the fashion shoot. I promise you. When you see those pix, you'll hold your head a little higher. You'll walk a little prouder. Even if you never show your photos to anyone else, you'll look at them again and again. You'll treasure them. Because you'll know, deep down inside, that that girl in the photo - the pretty girl in the hot outfit - that's the girl you were always meant to be.

Take care out there.
Be safe. Be smart. Be sexy.


Anonymous said...

Mine is this Thursday!!!


Anonymous said...

If you've never done a 'transformation' by a professional, you're missing out on a fun experience.

My first time out and fully dressed and in makeup was with Emerald Fantasy. And OMG, what a fantastic experience that was!!

Now I dream about a boudoir fashion shoot with me in lingerie and tasteful, but truly feminine poses!!

Holly said...

Just discovered that My Fem has these upfront, wonderful articles by CiCi! I can see that I will be visiting even more regularly now!!!
THANKS for that CiCi. :o)


Jay said...

I want to thank CiCi very very much. I also need to thank my wonderful partner Lillie who supports me in this wondrous journey of discovery.

CiCi I took your advice and we called an old friend of Lilie's who owns a full service salon and made an appointment for a consult. Mark was wonderful to me and as Lillie assured me I would be, I was welcomed and made to feel very comfortable and like the most important guest the salon had all day.

Mark took me to his station at the rear of the salon and began slowly and meticulously making me up, sharing techniques, discussing colour and texture and style with me as he went through what for me as a miraculous transformation. We joked about needing a putty knife to hide the lines that age has given me and he made me laugh and feel completely at ease for the entire time I was with him.

What a wonderful talent and with his help and tutelage I am confident that I can do this now.

In a couple hours there sat the most beautiful, sexy and fun loving sixty year old woman I had ever seen, complete with a brand new frosty graying sylish hair piece.

Off we (Lillie and I) went shopping and meandering through the mall in the middle of the day and stopping for dinner at Mojito.
What an absolutely amazing transformation and I admit I was blown away with the very positive reception we got everywhere and we are both sure that NO ONE 'read me'. I can't tell you how wonderful and exciting and truly stunned I was to receive such a reception in the middle of a sunny afternoon, two middle aged women out shopping and chatting over and bottle of wine and dinner.

CiCi I owe you a great debt of gratitude and for all my sisters out there that are considering just such a make over I say GO FOR IT! It will change your life.

Please visit my blog and PLEASE leave a comment. If you prefer that I not publish your comments just say so in your comment and I promise I will respect your privacy as surely as I would hope you respect my own.

XOXO Julie

Flora said...

dear cici

i know this would probably wont work,but id really like if you could contact me privatly,i know you probably have 1000s of such requests,but i thought id never hurt to ask,im a shy little girl in a big man's world and need the advices and support of an older sister i wish youd become,ill leave my email adress in the hopes you answer me,even if just to say you cant

with very high hopes

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